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Cost of Attendance

Bluefield University COA

Federal regulations require that the Financial Aid Office create a Cost of Attendance (COA) or “budget” each academic year. Cost of Attendance (COA) is the estimated cost of attending this institution for one academic year. This amount includes the following*:

  • Expected direct charges for one year of tuition and fees
    • Tuition – Charges assessed for classes
    • Fees – Charges assessed for other university services
  • Room and board for resident students
  • Estimated living expense — allowance for rent, utilities, and food for off-campus living
  • Estimated transportation costs
  • Estimated books and supplies
  • Miscellaneous costs
  • Loan fees


* Each institution will differ in what is allowed in their COA.


The 2022-23 Cost-of-Attendance Budget represents the estimated cost to attend Bluefield University for one academic year.

The Tuition, Fees, and Room/Board estimates represent the average amount of charges that will be reflected on your billing statement. There can be differences between your actual charges and these estimates based on fees specific to certain Majors and individual choices of Housing, Meal Plan, and Lab fees required for certain courses. Expenses budgeted into the COA such as Travel, Personal, and Miscellaneous vary by student and will not be included on your billing statement. Loan fees are the average amount of loan fees incurred by all students for Federal Direct Loan funds during the 2018-19 academic year.

Please visit the NASFAA website for a full list of financial aid award letter definitions.

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