BC Giving Day

What is BC Giving Day?

On April 28, alumni, friends, and the BC family are encouraged to give back to Bluefield College during the 24-hour marathon of #BCGivingDay. Alumni and friends give because they believe in Bluefield College. Every gift matters and no matter the size makes a significant impact.

#BCGivingDay is so important that we decided it needed to happen on Mud Pig Day. That’s right, April 28 is #BCGivingDay and #MudPigDay. You believe in Bluefield College and the difference it made in your life, so on April 28 make a gift to Bluefield College, tell the world about #BCGivingDay, and encourage your friends to do the same. You may even get the chance to explain #MudPigDay to someone.

Countdown to Giving Day 2022!