Become Part of the Legacy

Forming Connections, Facilitating Fellowship

Scholarships and fellowships change lives and enrich the student body. When you fund a scholarship or fellowship, you’re making a profound difference for an individual student’s educational experience at Bluefield College.

Some of the best high school students can’t afford today’s tuition, but scholarships open up a world of possibilities to them. Scholarships also free students from the necessity of part-time jobs, giving them more time to satisfy their intellectual curiosity or to participate in BC’s character-building organizations.


Every year, the Bluefield College Alumni Association processes hundreds of gifts of all sizes. We value every gift. Make a pledge payment or support your favorite cause, department, or program with an online gift.

Events & Services

Our culture is rich and diverse. Alumni events are held throughout the year and we’re proud to have the Alumni of Bluefield College front and center for each one. From Homecoming to Community outreach, join us and share your RAM pride!


Celebrating our illustrious alumni is a privilege and we love seeing how our graduates grow and serve out in the world. Spire Magazine is Bluefield College’s quarterly magazine celebrating the achievements of the College and alumni.

Campus Projects

Bluefield College is ever-growing and ever-changing. We challenge our graduates to be a force of positive change in the world and we strive to develop projects to help our students meet that challenge. Get an inside peak of how we are helping to shape the future.