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On-Campus Living

On-campus living at Bluefield University offers an environment compatible with and supportive of your personal, spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual development.

As you step into the world of college, dorm life becomes a significant part of your experience. Living with diverse roommates presents an opportunity to acquire essential life skills, such as effective communication, empathy, and cooperation. You’ll also develop a sense of responsibility, managing shared spaces and organizing your time efficiently.

Beyond personal growth, dorm life offers a chance to cultivate meaningful friendships. You’ll connect with like-minded individuals who share your interests and passions, creating bonds that can endure for years to come. Embrace this exciting phase of life as you navigate newfound responsibilities and embark on a journey filled with learning and cultivating lasting connections with others.

When you live on campus, you’ll be expected to adhere to commonly accepted standards of behavior. These are necessary to create and maintain an academically supportive environment, guarantee mutual respect and dignity, and provide a haven for all of our members.

Bluefield Residence Halls

Five traditional residence halls accommodate approximately 440 students. Each residence hall is equipped with laundry facilities and parlor-style living spaces.

  • Alumni Hall is an all-male dorm for juniors and seniors. This residence hall offers only single rooms with suite-style bathrooms. Athletes love this dorm because it is located near the Dome.
  • Bluefield University offers on-campus apartments for juniors and seniors. Bluestone Commons apartments are designed for four students, and each apartment is fully furnished, including a kitchen with a microwave and dishwasher. One of its outstanding features is an outdoor community space with fire pits and grills.
  • Cruise Hall is one of the original buildings on campus. Dorm rooms have large windows, so there’s plenty of natural light. This residence hall is centrally located, so it’s easy to get to class and the dining hall. After classes, you can snag a hammock in the outdoor space or start a pick-up basketball game.
  • East River Hall is an all-female hall and has the distinction of being the only residence hall with an elevator. It is also the newest non-apartment style hall. The dorm offers single and double rooms with suite-style bathrooms. Residents enjoy Hulu and Disney+ access in all three lobbies of East River.
  • Rish Hall is the largest dorm on campus. Public spaces include two balconies with terrific views, a barbershop, and an updated lobby. Rish Hall features double rooms. The ground floor is home to the Academic Center for Excellence, making it easy to take advantage of tutoring sessions.

There are 23 Resident Advisors, two Resident Hall Directors, and one Director of Residence Life and Summer Programs. We invite you to reach out and get to know this team. Their goal is to create a safe, educational, fun, and spiritual living environment.

On-Campus Residency

Bluefield University requires all students to live on campus unless:

  • You are an online student.
  • You are within 30 credit hours of completing your degree requirements.
  • You live at home with a parent or legal guardian within a 45-mile radius of campus.
  • You are married or care for a child or a dependent.
  • You are 22 years of age or older at the beginning of the current academic year.
  • You have lived on your own for more than one year before attending BU and can provide documentation.

Students who receive a Bluefield University talent scholarship are required to live on campus until graduation. All students receiving talent funds, including student-athletes with athletic grants-in-kind, and those receiving music, theatre, or art scholarships must live in campus housing. Failure to follow this requirement means you will be charged for room and board.

If you are a member of a sports team, a coach may approve 20% of team members to live off-campus.

Married couples may apply for on-campus married housing.

Room Assignments

We make every attempt to make room assignments that address mutual roommate requests and special factors you share with us. Assignments are made based on the date of deposit. We do our best to pair students with compatible living habits and similar goals. However, we cannot guarantee your assignment to a particular room and/or residence hall.

If occupancy allows, a student may live in a double room and pay the single room rate.

We reserve the right to make all residence hall, room, and roommate assignments and reassignments. Every effort is made to honor your request; however, we cannot guarantee your request unless you and your roommate request each other. We do not discriminate against any person because of race, color, national origin, ethnic origin, religion, or physical handicap.

While living on campus, you must purchase a 200-meal plan. Bluefield University offers residential students a meal plan through the cafeteria and the Starbucks kiosk, with $50 in additional flex dollars for the Starbucks kiosk.

Apply for On-Campus Housing


  • All students who are accepted may apply for on-campus housing. Please review our residence hall housing policies and then complete the forms on myBU.
  • If you have questions about residential life on the BU campus, we invite you to contact Student Life.
  • Please refer to the Residence Life section of the Student Handbook for residence life policies.

New Student FAQs

  • If you are a new student in the fall and would like to apply for housing or commuting, please reach out to your admissions counselor for instructions on how to apply.
  • If you have applied to commute, approval or additional information will be emailed to you.
  • If you want to pay your Damage Deposit, please contact Bluefield Central.
  • If you need assistance with submitting health forms, please email Student Life.
  • You can find your roommate information on myBU.
  • You can search for your roommate’s information in the Bluefield email directory to contact them. Please remember this information is subject to change. If you do not have a roommate listed, one will be provided to you as we continue to house students.
  • Dorm Rooms include twin extra-long mattresses.
  • If you are having issues logging into your myBU or email, please contact the IST Department.
  • If you have move-in questions, please email Student Life.
  • For a list of the most common questions for all things campus living, check out our full FAQ page
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