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Bluefield University Directory

Norma Acord

Adjunct Faculty, Art

Dr. Ramona Alger

Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

Chris Allen

Assistant Baseball Coach

Katrina Allen

Student Accounts Assistant

Baylee Allen

Head Softball Coach

Alfonso Alvarez

Head Men's Volleyball Coach & Assistant AD for Compliance

Dr. Ramu Anandakrishnan

Assistant Professor for Biomedical Sciences (MABS)

Bailey Angle

Assistant Sports Information Director

Dr. John Anstrom

Discipline Chair for Anatomical Sciences (MABS)

Dr. Josh Arnold

Vice President for Student Development & Admissions

Dr. Debra Austin

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Dr. David Bailey

Adjunct Faculty, Education

Juleigh Bailey

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Melissa Baker

Graduate Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Sheila Ballard

Admissions Coordinator for Graduate Biomedical Program (MABS)

Mike Bandy CPA MTX

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Lynnette Bartlett

Associate Librarian / Reference and Electronic Resources Librarian

Jim Bartlett

Adjunct Faculty, Music

Dr. Cynthia Bascom

Professor of Communication / Department Chair, Communication

B.J. Bauer

Golf Coach

Paula Beasley

Senior Assistant Librarian / Co-Director of Library Services

Wendy Beavers

Assistant Professor of History / Department Chair, History

Erika Bell

Head Athletic Trainer

Dr. Paul Bennett

Assistant Professor of Economics

Gabe Blakman

Advancement Services Coordinator & Office Manager

Ruth Blankenship

Vice President for Administration & Finance

Tom Bone

Adjunct Faculty, Communications

Mark Botts

Adjunct Faculty, English

Kevin Bowers

Head Tennis Coach

Dr. Thomas Brewster

Associate Professor of Education / Dean of the School of Education

Dr. Lewis Brogdon

Associate Professor of Christian Studies / Dean of Institutional Effectiveness & Research

Dr. Shellie Brown

Associate Professor of Education / Director of Teacher Education

Michael Burkhart

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Kathleen Buterakos

Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

Dr. Lewis Buterakos

Associate Professor of Mathematics / Department Chair, Mathematics

Nikki Byrd

Advising & Student Success Coach

Monica Capp

Assistant Professor of Nursing / Director of the Psychiatric-Mental Health Practitioner Program

Katrina Chaffin

Adjunct Faculty, English

Dr. Ning Cheng

Biostatistician and Assistant Professor (MABS)

Whitney Clark

Coordinator of Student Care

Dr. Henry Clary

Assistant Professor of Christian Studies

Marisa Clifton

Campus Safety Officer

Josh Cline

Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Ernest Compton

Adjunct Faculty, Financial Management

Larry Connatser

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Emily Cook

Director of Counseling Services

Emily Coppola

Transfer & International Admissions Counselor

Quentin Crenshaw

Campus Bus Driver

John Crowder

Adjunct Faculty, Criminal Justice

Dr. Yosely Cruz-Fernandez

Assistant Professor of Nursing / Assistant Dean of the School of Nursing / Program Director for the Baccalaureate Nursing Program

Gail Davidson

Adjunct Faculty, Nursing

Dr. Nancy Davidson

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Susan Davis

Adjunct Faculty, Criminal Justice

Jordan Dillon

Executive Assistant to the President / Campus Events & Enrollment Coordinator

Dr. Jeff Disibbio

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Caroline Dixon

Human Resources Specialist / IST Financial Manager / Title IX Deputy

Kevin Downer

Assistant Professor of Exercise & Sports Science / Director of Sports Management

Ross Duncan

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Brandon Dunford

Director of Facilities

Phillip Dunford

Assistant Football Coach

Ashleigh Dunn

Assistant Professor for Biomedical Sciences (MABS)

Josh Dye

Assistant Project Manager

Dr. Elizabeth Elam

Adjunct Faculty, English

Connie Elkins

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Human Services

Marissa Falgiani

Enrollment Data Processor

Dr. Abiola Fapetu

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Dr. Kimberly Farmer

Professor of Criminal Justice / Dean of the School of Criminal Justice / Department Chair, Criminal Justice

Dr. Richard Farmer

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Human Services / Department Chair, Psychology and Human Services

Shannon Farris

Faculty Support Coordinator, Online & Distance Education

Leah Feyh

Adjunct Faculty, Nursing

Dr. Marshall Flowers

Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Linda Flowers

Adjunct Faculty, Music

Leslie Floyd

Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education / Department Chair, Early Childhood Education

Dr. Diana Foley

Professor of Nursing

Robbie Gaines

Campus Pastor

Buddy Gallemore

Head Women's Volleyball Coach

Dr. Tara Garland-Matthews

Adjunct Faculty, Human Services

Dr. Mark Gettle

Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership / Department Chair, Organizational Leadership

Dr. Fred Gillispie

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Harold Graham

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Mary Greer

Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

Josh Grubb

Director of Business Intelligence

Michael Gutu

Assistant Campus Store Manager / Data Analyst

Kristie Haga

Adjunct Faculty, Human Services

Heather Hamilton

Adjunct Faculty, Communications / Director of the Fine Arts Community School

Tanika Hardin

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Lexi Harmon

Traditional Admissions Counselor

Dwain Harwick

Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

Amy Hassenpflug

Instructional Mentor

Kendall Haynes

Head Cross Country & Outdoor Track & Field Coach

Hazel Sharp

Emotional Support Animal & Future Certified Therapy Dog

Sheila Heldreth

Adjunct Faculty, Nursing

Dr. Mike Henry

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Jean Herndon

Director for Graduate Certificate Biomedical Education Program (MABS)

Alisa Hewitt

Assistant for Graduate Biomedical Education Program (MABS)

Dr. Brian Hill

Dean for Graduate Biomedical Sciences Program (MABS)

Nick Hinkle

Adjunct Faculty, Music

Alandra Hinkle

Piano Accompanist

David Hite

Assistant Professor of Business / Department Chair, Business Administration

Dr. Julia Hood

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Rod Howard

Assistant Football Coach

Jeremy Howell

Adjunct Faculty, Nursing

Devon Jackson

Assistant Football Coach

Dr. Teresa Johnson

Discipline Chair for Microbiology & Immunology (MABS)

Dr. Ellen Jones

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Dino Kaklis

Assistant Football Coach

Rebecca Kasey

Director of Public Relations and Marketing

Rodney Kasey

Strength & Conditioning Coach / Director of Sims Center

Hal Keene

Director of Planned Giving & Major Gifts

Mike Ketchum

Assistant Football Coach

Jacob Key

Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement / Title IX Deputy

Crystal Kieloch

Assistant Professor of English / Supervisor for the Confident Communicator Program and the Writing Tutors

Dr. Tom Kinney

Professor of History

Olivia Kinser

Financial Aid Advocate

Amber Kinzer

Financial Aid Advisor

Linda Kirby

Adjunct Faculty, Nursing

Jennifer Lamb

College Registrar

Chip Lambert

Vice President for Operations & Technology

Dr. Emily Lambert

Associate Professor of Biology / Dean of the College of Sciences & Biomedical Sciences Program

Kelley Lambert

Campus Store Manager

Zoe Laney

Director of Student Engagement

Jon Leftwich

Campus Safety Officer

Dr. Paul Lemon

Assistant Professor of Education & Church Music / Dean of Registration Services

Vince Lewis

Adjunct Faculty, Music

Werner Lind

Librarian / Co-Director of Library Services

Melissa Linkous

Adjunct Faculty, American Sign Language

Ann Looney

Director of Academic Programs

Dr. Barry Losey

Adjunct Faculty, Christian Studies

Gil Lusk

Assistant Football Coach

Dewey Lusk

Head Football Coach

Mily Lusk

Executive Director of the New Opportunity School for Women

Alyssa Lyons

Enrollment Counselor for Online Programs

Dr. Challen Mabry

Assistant Professor of Counselor Education, Psychology and Human Services

Dr. James Mahaney

Associate Dean for Biomedical Affairs and Research (MABS)

Alisha Maloyed

Enrollment Technology and Automation Specialist

Dr. Darrin Martin

Associate Professor of Education / Dean of Academic Support & ACE / Moving the Needle Campus Project Manager

Burma McChesney

Academic Affairs & Moving the Needle Project Manager

Ashley McClanahan

IST Network Manager

Rebecca McCoy-Reese

Assistant Professor of Theatre / Technical Director & Artist in Residence / Department Co-Chair, Theatre / Title IX Coordinator

Aundrea McDaniel

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Brittani McInturff

Adjunct Faculty, Music

Dr. Shirley McLaughlin

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Jenein Merie

Traditional Admissions Counselor

Dr. Robert Merritt

Professor of English / Department Chair, English / Director of Honors Program

Dr. Doug Minnix

Associate Professor of Exercise & Sport Science / Department Chair, Exercise & Sport Science / Director of Exercise Sport Medicine

Dr. John Moir

Assistant Professor of Music

Ian Monaghan

Graduate Assistant for Track and Field

Dena Monroe

Assistant Registrar / BU Central Advocate

Sherelle Morgan

Director of Online Admissions / Coordinator for Belonging

Richard Morgan

Head Men's Basketball Coach

Katie Morton

Head Women's Soccer Coach

Rose Morton

Adjunct Faculty, Nursing

Justin Morton

Head Men's Soccer Coach

Jessy Mounts

Assistant Director of Finance and Administration

Corey Mullins

Head Women's Basketball Coach

Shirley Mutter


Dr. Andrew Necessary

Assistant Professor of Music

Dr. Patricia Neely

Executive Vice President for Online & Distance Education

Dr. Okey Nwokolo

Assistant Professor of Counseling

Dr. Martin Offield

Professor of Biology

Dr. David Olive

College President

Phyllis Owens

Adjunct Faculty, Education

Dr. James Palmieri

Associate Professor for Microbiology and Immunology (MABS)

Cathy Payne

Student Success Coach

Dave Pedde

Director for the Center of the Worship Arts & Church Partnership Program / Praise Team Director

Judy Pedneau

Director of Human Resources

Wayne Pelts

Assistant Director of the Academic Center for Excellence

Dr. Sharon Perot

Associate Professor of Business / Executive Director of the MBA

Whitley Phipps

Director of Athletic Business Operations

Dr. Joshua Pittman

Assistant Professor of English

Scott Polhamus

Associate Director of Traditional Admissions

Dr. Gary Poulton

Adjunct Faculty, History

Dr. Renee Prater

Associate Dean for Curriculum Assessment and Medical Education (MABS)

Rachel Price

Administrative Assistant, Nursing

Tabi Price

Assistant Registrar / Operations

Jonathan Pruitt

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Susan Rash

Adjunct Faculty, Education

Bob Redd

Sports Information Director

Charles Reese

Professor of Theatre / Artistic Director / Department Co-Chair, Theatre

Dr. Irene Rieger

Associate Professor of English

MyKenzie Roach

Associate Cheerleading Coach

Allen Roberts

Assistant Professor of Graphic Communication / Department Chair, Graphic Communication / Digital Technologist

Tim Robinette

Director of Applications Development

Dr. Lisa Robinson

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Dr. Deborah Rullman

Adjunct Faculty, Human Services

Gary Ruth

Director of Campus Safety

Kirsten Sadler

Adjunct Faculty, Art

Sally Sale

Adjunct Faculty, Nursing

Dr. Joe Saunders

Professor of Chemistry / Department Chair, Chemistry

Railynn Saunders

Adjunct Faculty, Chemistry

Garrett Schilling

Assistant Baseball Coach / Game Day Assistant

Dr. Jessica Sharp

Professor of Nursing / Dean of the School of Nursing

Dr. Robert Shippey

Adjunct Faculty, Christian Studies

Chris Shoemaker

Assistant Professor of Communication

Dee Shoemaker

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Walter Shroyer

Professor of Art / Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Letters / Department Chair, Art

Linda Shroyer

Art Gallery Director

Josh Shroyer

Associate Athletic Trainer

Brandy Smith

Assistant Professor of Education and Counseling / Director of the Master of Arts in Counseling

Jess Smith

Director of Residence Life

Alan Smith

Senior Director of Student Thriving & Success

Chelsie Smith

Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Robbie Smith

Software Engineer & Webmaster

Dr. Janice Spangenburg

Adjunct Faculty, Nursing

Willie Sparks

Assistant Softball Coach

Dr. Chris Stacy

Adjunct Faculty, Education

Taisha Steele

Adjunct Faculty, Education

Dr. Ward Stevens

Vice President for Health Centers and Graduate Medical Education (MABS)

Dr. Tracey Stout

Associate Professor of Christian Studies / Dean of the College of Arts and Letters / Department Chair, Christian Studies

Kristy Stout

Adjunct Faculty, Human Services

Dr. Timothy Stover

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Dr. Betsy Summerfield

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Kelly Sylte

Adjunct Faculty, English

Ashley Taylor

Head Cheerleading Coach

Crystal Taylor

Graduate Assistant for Counseling Program

Dr. Dedriell Taylor

Adjunct Faculty, Nursing

Dr. Jeff Teo

Professor of Cybersecurity / Department Chair, Cybersecurity

Jennifer Thorn

Accreditation Specialist for School of Education

Jenna Treloar

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Dr. Janice Tucker

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Paul Upton

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Dr. Robin Varghese

Assistant Professor for Biomedical Sciences (MABS)

Catherine Vollmer

Assistant Professor of Exercise & Sports Science

Jason Waelti

Head Wrestling Coach

Clayton Wagner

Director of Maintenance/Facilities

Tonia Walker

Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics

Noah Walker

Graduate Assistant for Wrestling

Robert Walker

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Dr. Kelly Walls

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Anna Watson

Adjunct Faculty, Education

Audrey Whit

Administrative Assistant, School of Education & Counseling

Dr. Shawn White

Assistant Professor of Christian Studies / Director of General Education / Faculty Athletic Representative

Mike White

Head Baseball Coach / Assistant Athletic Director

Sam White

Head Softball Coach

Michele White

Student Accounts Manager

Bobby Whitt

IST Support Specialist

Tamara Williams

Adjunct Faculty, Education

Dr. Meghan Wilson

Assistant Professor of Biology / Department Chair, Biology

Brenda Workman

Associate Director of Online Recruitment & Corporate Partnerships

Dr. Eric Workman

Adjunct Faculty, Education

April Workman

Adjunct Faculty, Special Education

Cary Wright

Director of Financial Aid

Dr. James Wright

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Dr. Robert Wynn

Assistant Professor, Nursing / Coordinator of Clinical Practicums for the MSN Programs

Dr. Melissa Yowell

Adjunct Faculty, Music

Dr. Maria Zalduondo

Associate Professor of Languages / Director of Global Education

Do I only apply once?

  • No. Students must apply each academic year for the fall semester and submit the necessary documents.

Do I have to take the classes specified in the Associate's Degree tracks as they are listed on the information sheet?

  • No. Students may take any of the courses that are offered in a given term.

Where do I find the textbook listing, and where do I purchase the books?

  • Log in to myBU, and under the "Student" tab, you will find a list of the textbooks required (if any) for each course. Students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks.

How long is a semester?

  • Our semesters are divided into two 8-week terms.

Is there an orientation?

  • Yes. Students can attend an orientation session that explains how to access courses, how to register for classes, and answers other questions.

Where can I find a course description?

Does the student need to take the SAT or ACT in order to take Dual Enrollment classes?

  • No. If a student decides to study at BU full time, BU is currently test-optional for the 2021-2022 admissions cycle.

Are the classes live? Do students need to log in and participate at certain times?

  • Classes are offered online, so a student can log-on and study at their convenience and their own pace. Students have assignments due each week; you can complete your assignments at any point in time before the deadline.

Does an Early College student need to come to campus for anything?

  • No. However, we would love to have you visit our campus if you are interested in continuing with traditional on-campus study. Students who complete their associate's degree have the option to walk at our commencement ceremony.

Are Early College students able to receive Financial Aid?

  • No. However, Early College courses are very affordable compared to other options. The cost for an online Dual Enrollment course is $100 per credit hour.

How do transferring credits work?

  • Each College or University completes a transcript review in order to decide which courses transfer. Sticking to general education classes generally makes transferring credits simple. All Early College courses at Bluefield University are general education classes that should transfer to another accredited institution.

Is an Early College student considered, and treated, as a transfer student when they become a full-time college student if they have earned enough credits to be a Junior?

  • No. Since they have not graduated from high school, they are considered a first-time college student regardless of how many credits transfer. However, by transferring credits when they enroll as a full-time student, they will have to take fewer classes to receive their bachelor's degree, which shortens the length of time to earn the degree.

Can I speak to someone if I have more questions?

  • Yes. Please contact the Office of Admissions by email or you can call them at 276.326.4231