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Build bridges of understanding by studying and traveling with Bluefield University’s global education programs.

Study Abroad & Travel the World

As part of our mission to help transform the world by developing servant leaders, we dedicate ourselves to building bridges of understanding and mutual respect. One way we do this is by ensuring our undergraduate students can study abroad in exciting destinations. We design these experiences to help students develop an understanding of the commonality and familiarity of the human experience around the world. We strive to help students acquire global skills, engage in experiential learning, and partake in God’s creation.

On-campus, the Global Education Committee organizes Forming Global Citizens programs, with an international focus and presence. Activities for these events include films, speakers, and craft sessions:

  • International Day of Peace – September 21
  • World Poetry Day – March 21
  • Hispanic Awareness Week – October
  • Global Education Emphasis Week – March

The University gives travel and study abroad priority to our China, Brazil, and London summer programs. We also support and encourage students to consider our partner programs, CAPA, CGE, and BestSemester (CCCU). Along with our partner programs, Bluefield University offers students and faculty the opportunity for academic excellence, cultural enrichment, and the chance to explore the world.

Student Handbook & Policy Information

Student Handbook

Bluefield University is a member of CAPA International Education, which provides semester-long study abroad opportunities in London, UK; Dublin, Ireland; Florence, Italy; Sydney, Australia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Beijing, China. Students can take a variety of courses with faculty members of cooperating institutions as well as from qualified professors from the host country.
Bluefield University is a member of the Consortium for Global Education (CGE). This program offers study abroad experiences in Jordan, Australia, Lithuania, Lebanon, Greece, and Argentina. Students can choose from a variety of interest areas, with short- and long-term opportunities, including learning Arabic or Chinese.

Our affiliation with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities’ BestSemester (CCCU) program offers students semester-long experiences in Australia, Costa Rica, and Uganda. Off-campus study programs take students to Washington, D.C. for the American Studies Program, and to Los Angeles, CA to the L.A. Film Studies Center.

Bluefield University also offers enrichment and learning opportunities through international course-related travel and cultural immersion. These opportunities are extensions of academic courses, which are completed on the main campus in Bluefield, VA, followed by travel abroad.

The China Exchange Program provides four Bluefield University students the opportunity to experience a culture, language, and society that is unique and very different from ours. As part of the program, students visit major points of interest in Beijing and Shanghai. During their time in Nanjing, they are guests of Jiangsu Second Normal University, studying modern Chinese society and history. Every fall, Chinese students and faculty participate in the Bluefield University academic community.


  • Bluefield University supports one undergraduate student per semester to travel with CAPA, CGE, and BestSemester. Please contact the Director of Global Education, Dr. Zalduondo, as soon as possible about your intention to apply to one of these programs.
  • Travel and study abroad opportunities should be sought with these programs first because we have formal partnerships with them.
  • Competitive scholarships are available for these programs.
  • Students are responsible for meeting all deadlines for each program to facilitate their selection to the program.
  • Our faculty is excited to work with students who want to pursue other programs, but priority acceptance is given to students who study abroad with CAPA, CGE, or BestSemester.
    • Students, with documented advisor approval, who wish to pursue other study-abroad programs should present all relevant information to the Chair of the Global Education Committee for consideration no later than the first Monday in October or March depending on the program’s deadline. The student is responsible for making the committee aware of all relevant deadlines. The committee chair will work with the president, director of financial aid, and registrar for approval to enter into an agreement with the proposed study abroad institution.
    • If the program is approved, the student and advisor will be notified by the Global Education Committee after their scheduled April or November meeting.

Note: A student’s enrollment in a program of study abroad approved for credit by Bluefield University may be considered enrollment at Bluefield University to apply for assistance under the Title IV, HEA Program.

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