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ID Services

Why Do You Need an ID Card?

The heart of the campus operating system is each person’s official BU ID card. Each ID card includes features that allow you to embrace campus life. Whether it is to gain access to your Residence Hall, your meal plan, print funds, or to use your RAM Bucks, your BU ID card is there for you to access all the features campus life has to offer! Learn more about your BU ID card today!

ID Services are managed by the IST department on campus and you can find them on the 2nd floor of Lansdell Hall in suites 207-209. Our team is responsible for producing student, employee, and department guest ID cards. We also print ID badges for medical and nursing programs, internships, and for other department needs. We apply department-requested building/room access onto ID cards.

Where on campus can you use your ID card?

Residence Halls

Food Services





Event Access

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