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$100 per credit hour

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Students can start as early as their sophomore year in high school!

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May 1stFall Terms
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Interested students must:

  • Complete the application online
  • Submit a letter of permission from one of the following
    • High school principal
    • Guidance counselor
    • Homeschool parent
  • Submit a high school transcript
    • Homeschool transcripts must show a cumulative GPA
  • Re-apply each academic year before the fall term

Dual Enrollment Statement

You have elected to enroll in an online, college-level course that will have high expectations for all enrolled students. Each course is different in its requirements involving theory, application, depth of reflection, and research. Occasionally, the title of a course has been chosen to broadly describe the course content. Please do not make any assumptions about the course based on its title or your preferences for learning a subject. As a Dual Enrollment student, you should communicate with the instructor to discuss your ability to meet the course’s requirements within the first two days of the course, within the drop/add period. This allows you time to select another option if you believe the course requirements are beyond your current level of learning. Course expectations will not be changed and will not be amended for you as a Dual Enrollment student because these courses are designed to meet specific learning objectives and produce specific learning outcomes.

Interested students should direct their questions about the Dual Enrollment program to the Office of Admissions by phone at 276.326.4231 or by email.