Academic Success

We seek to foster the skills, strategies, habits, and character necessary to create excellent students and transformational leaders.

To support a culture of academic success, the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) provides a wide range of resources and services for online and on-campus students. We offer:

  • Academic coaching
  • Disability services
  • Math and writing labs
  • Testing services
  • Tutoring

Supporting BC’s focus as a Christ-centered liberal arts college with strong scientific programs, the ACE staff strives to develop the whole person. For comprehensive information about all the services and resources of the ACE Center, please visit ACE on myBC.

Preparing You for Success

Academic coaches tailor their sessions to the individual student. Students can meet with ACE staff for a single appointment, short-term coaching, or weekly sessions throughout the semester, depending on their needs. We can help you develop skills in:

  • Getting organized
  • Managing time
  • Avoiding procrastination
  • Developing effective study habits
  • Making connections
  • Employing different learning styles

The techniques you learn through coaching can help you succeed at Bluefield and throughout your lifetime.

Disability Services

The ACE staff offer a full range of services for students who have a documented disability. Please visit Disability Services on myBC to begin the process of requesting accommodations for your classes.

Testing & Tutoring Services

Bluefield College accepts the results of two testing programs for students who want to demonstrate their mastery of a subject for course credit. The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) offers 34 exams, and DSST offers 38 exams. DSST exams, once known as DANTES, are available to anyone, including military personnel, who are interested in course credit by exam. CLEP and DSST testing sites are available across the country.

No matter which test you take, please note:

  • The fee for taking a CLEP and DSST test must be paid online at the time of registration.
    Bluefield College charges a modest fee for administering the test. This fee is collected upon arrival at the testing center and MUST be paid by credit or debit card (Mastercard, Discover, or Visa).
  • If a student fails the CLEP or DSST test, they must wait 180 days (6 months) before retaking the same exam.
  • There is no penalty for incorrect guessing when you take a computer-based test; you should answer all of the questions on the exam.
  • CLEP and DSST assume a student has previous knowledge about the subject of the test; you need to study from a current subject textbook and the materials available online.
  • A fact sheet or exam description can be downloaded by visiting each website. These descriptions break down the areas of the subject that should be studied.
  • General education and elective credits may be earned by taking these tests. The equivalencies for Bluefield College credit can be found on the list of tests accepted for credit at BC on myBC.
  • Bluefield College students must receive permission from the assessment counselor in the Registrar’s Office for approval to take one of these tests instead of taking a Bluefield College class.
  • You cannot receive credit for an exam after you’ve tried to take a college course in the same area.

Online & On-Campus Tutoring & Labs

Tutors are available for both on-campus and online students in many subjects. Flexible hours are available to fit your schedule. Tutoring is offered as peer-led, one-on-one support, and small group study sessions. All services are free of charge to BC students.

Math and Writing Drop-in Labs

Math and writing labs are scheduled during specific hours during the week. Students can drop by the ACE or Easley Library to receive help from student math or writing tutors. Math tutors can help with developmental math through calculus. Writing tutors can assist with writing for any class offered by the college.

Online Tutoring

We encourage online students to take advantage of Grammarly writing help, as well as SmartThinking tutoring services available on myBC. For tips and insight on how to succeed with online learning, please visit ACE on myBC.

For more information about tutoring services, please email Wayne Pelts.

Early College students,

Congratulations! You have elected to enroll in an online, college-level course. Each course is different in its requirements involving theory, application, depth of reflection, and research. Occasionally, the title of a course has been chosen to broadly describe the course content. As an Early College student, you may need to communicate with the instructor to discuss your ability to meet the course’s requirements within the first two days of the course, within the drop/add period. This allows you time to select another option if you believe the course requirements are beyond your current level of learning.

Your grades will be final and appear on your Bluefield College transcript, so it is important that you do your best.

If you have a learning disability, it is important that you communicate that with our Associate Director of Academic Support, Mr. Wayne Pelts, prior to your classes starting. Mr. Pelts will need documentation in order to offer any accommodations. You may reach Mr. Pelts at

An advisor will contact you prior to each enrollment period to discuss course options and will assist you in enrolling in your online classes. Remember we are here to support you and help you be successful.