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MHSA – Accepted Student Information

Now that you’ve been accepted into the MHSA program, there are a few more steps to take toward becoming an official student. Here you’ll find important information and documents needed for matriculation.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts sent to CASAA are provided to Bluefield University/VCOM when an applicant applies. These transcripts may be accepted if all coursework the student has taken at that institution is completed as of application submission and confirmed on the transcript. Bluefield University/VCOM will verify that a transcript has been received for every institution listed on the application, that at least one baccalaureate degree has been awarded, and that all other degrees reported on the CASAA application are documented. If there is a question as to the authenticity of a transcript, an official transcript from the institution in question will be required to be sent directly to the MHSA Program.

Any school the applicant is attending or will attend after application submission will require an official transcript to be sent directly from that institution to the Master of Health Science in Anesthesia Program office. In this case, the transcripts sent to CASAA will NOT be accepted.

If Bluefield University/VCOM does require a transcript directly from an institution, transcripts must be sent directly from the Registrar’s Office of the school(s) attended directly to the Master of Health Science in Anesthesia Program Office. Be sure to have the transcript addressed correctly. Unofficial transcripts or transcripts hand-carried by the student (even if in a sealed envelope) are not acceptable. Failure to submit official transcripts by the deadlines provided (or to obtain authorized approval of an extension) may result in the offer of admission to Bluefield University/VCOM being rescinded and forfeiture of your tuition deposit.

If required, transcripts should be sent no later than April 1st. Mail them directly to:

Bluefield University/VCOM
Master of Health Science in Anesthesia Program
910 South Donahue Drive
Auburn, AL 36832

Pre-Curriculum Assignments

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to the Master of Health Science in Anesthesia Program. We are honored to partner with you in your education and look forward to helping you develop into a top-notch anesthesia provider. You’ve done the legwork to get into the Anesthesiologist Assistant program, but now is not the time to take your foot off of the gas…preparing (mentally, emotionally, and academically) to dive into learning will be critical to gaining the momentum you need to propel you toward success in this program.

As the matriculation date approaches, we have compiled some ‘assignments’ that we ask you to complete before starting the program. These activities and readings build off of the thematic dimensions of quality patient care, servant leadership, and leadership through professionalism that is interwoven throughout the learning curriculum of the Master of Health Science in Anesthesia Program.

(Items 4 and 5 are required readings, and please choose one of the first three books to read before you begin the program studies)

  1. “Dare to Lead” (Brene Brown) – Anesthesiologist Assistants need to take leadership of themselves, their patient’s course, and oftentimes the perioperative setting. Leadership is not a position or a title, but a mindset of helping others achieve more, think outside themselves, and exhibit vulnerable empathy
  2. “Thinking, Fast and Slow” (Daniel Kahneman) – Understanding the nature of how we interpret outside information and how that information is translated into decisions and actions provides the foundation for understanding how to make better decisions…even in the most challenging of situations
  3. “My Quest for Health Equity” (David Satcher) – Realizing the disparities in the United States healthcare system is key to figuring out how to improve care for everyone – this book speaks right to the heart of our mission to provide high-quality healthcare in an equitable and compassionate manner
  4. “Anesthesia Made Easy” (Jeffrey Steiner) – Consider this the introduction to clinical anesthesia – a primer on the career you’ve chosen to dedicate your working life towards.
  5. “#GRADBOSS: A Grad School Survival Guide” (Toyin Alli) – Get ready to enter a fast-paced graduate school curriculum with some insightful perspectives and a toolbox for maintaining a positive work-life balance.


  1. Volunteer service – we ask that you take 16 hours between now and the start of the program and give that time to others in service. This does not have to be in healthcare and can be in any discipline, format, context, or area that you wish… It just has to involve you giving your time and talents to another. Have fun with it; bring your friends and family; take pictures to share with your classmates!
  2. Reflective writing – Write a brief (no more than two pages) synopsis of your volunteer service and how that ties into your drive to live out the mission of the MHSA Program. This should describe your experience, but should not merely explain what you did, but instead focus on what you noticed, how it changed you, and what might you have done differently. Think introspectively and examine your thoughts and beliefs – there are no wrong or right answers…just what it meant to you!
  • Medical Terminology Specialization from Rice University – This comprehensive 3-part series is designed to provide a deep dive into medical terminology and is estimated to require approximately 40 hours of work. For more information and to enroll, you can visit Coursera’s website.
  • Drug Card Quiz – Familiarize yourself with the drug card. You will be quizzed on the contents.
  • Practicing Professionalism – Familiarize yourself with the professionalism document.
Required Textbooks
The following document will offer a detailed look at the booklist for each course included in the MHSA program. Please take the time to get acquainted with the booklist for this program.

MHSA Booklist

Computer Requirements

All new or incoming students are required to have a laptop that is not greater than 3 years old and must meet or exceed the computer requirements listed below.

Due to the program curriculum and testing software we require, these minimum hardware requirements should be met to be successful.

Operating System Windows 10 OS X Yosemite 10.10 or higher
RAM 8Gb or higher 8Gb or higher
Hard Disk 128GB (Solid State, SSD) or higher 128GB (Solid State, SSD) or higher
Processor Intel i5 or higher Intel i5 or higher
Network 802.11 AC or 802.11 N 802.11 AC or 802.11 N

Additional Highly Recommended Accessories:

  • 128GB+ External Hard Drive for file back up
  • Personal Printer
  • 4GB+ USB Memory stick
Technical Standards For Admission & Enrollment
Criminal Background Check

All incoming students are required to submit (directly to PreCheck) an application for a criminal background check. No other service will be accepted. A monetary fee (payable to PreCheck) must accompany the PreCheck application which is to be submitted by the tuition deposit date. Your offer of admission and continued enrollment is contingent upon acceptable results from your Pre-Check report. The MHSA Program reserves the right to put restrictions on or rescind an offer of admission based on information received on your background check. Also, note that should any charge or arrest occur after acceptance, whether you were convicted, you are required to inform the MHSA Program immediately when it occurs. Failure to report such charges or arrests, whether guilty or not, and/or failure to report immediately, within 24 hours, can result in your offer of admission being rescinded. Upon review of the charge, the MHSA Program reserves the right to rescind the offer of admission prior to matriculation.

  • Start background check at the time of deposit.
  • Visit the PreCheck website to begin the background check
  • Enter the school name as Bluefield University on the PreCheck website. Select Master of Health Science in Anesthesia as the program and “Background Check” under Services.

If you need assistance, please contact PreCheck at [email protected]

Health & Immunization Forms

Health and immunizations forms are due to the Master of Health Sciences in Anesthesia Program Office no later than the dates outlined below.

Acceptance Date Due Date
On or before December 1 February 15
December 2 – February 1 April 1
February 2 – April 1 June 1
On or after April 2 Due Immediately


All forms must be signed by your health care provider and must include copies of all vaccination records and lab results/reports.

You can email the Program directly at [email protected] if you have any questions.


Housing Options
Auburn, Alabama

Auburn, a historic college town and home of Auburn University, is the largest city in eastern Alabama with a population of more than 76,000. It is Alabama’s fastest-growing metropolitan area and the 19th fastest-growing metro area in the United States. U.S. News ranks Auburn amongst its Top 10 list of best places to live in the United States, earning its colloquial nickname the “loveliest village on the plains”.

More Information: Auburn/Opelika Tourism

The Master of Health Science in Anesthesia Program does not provide recommendations on specific developments, locations, roommate coordination, or availability. The list provided is not all-inclusive or exhaustive or local area options

  1. Auburn Student Housing
  2. MyMove– Auburn
  3. Auburn Livability
Gainesville, Georgia

Those students electing to do so may complete the clinical practicum portion of the program in North Georgia with our partners at Anesthesia Associates of Gainesville. Gainesville is the county seat of Hall County, nicknamed the ‘Queen City of the Mountains’, and is located about 45 minutes northeast of Atlanta. Gainesville is a prosperous industrial, agricultural and recreational center located along Lake Lanier. The area combines a Southern small-town feel with such advantages as excellent water recreation and a relatively pleasant climate. Downtown is clean with a prominent town square and a number of historic homes and buildings nearby.

More Information: Gainesville, Georgia

Financial Aid & Registrar
Student Handbook & Academic Calendar
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