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Clicking the button below will take you to MyBC, the Bluefield College Student Portal.

Choose the semester you would like to view and enter specific information about the course you are seeking. Then, press the search button. To view the entire list of courses, simply press the search button without entering a specific course.

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All students are responsible for following Bluefield College’s policies and procedures. Review the Add/Drop Policy in the Academic Catalog.

Traditional students can add and drop courses prior to the census date through MyBC with the approval of their Academic Advisor.

Add/Drop Instructions
  1. Log into MyBC.
  2. Click the Student Tab.
  3. Click My Courses.
  4. Click Add/Drop Courses.
    1. To add a course, select the Term, enter the Course Code (e.g., ENG 1013 01), and click Add Course.
    2. To drop a course, select the specific course to drop and click Drop Selected Courses.

Students will need to complete a drop form in order to withdraw from a course after the census date. Your advisor, athletic coach (if applicable), and instructor must sign the form before you bring it to BC Central.

Traditional Students

Please retrieve a Drop/Add Form from BC Central (Lansdell 304). You will need to give the form back to a BC Advocate, who will process the drop.

Online Students

Download the Online Course Withdrawal Form from Registrar Forms. Submit the online drop form to .

Change of Major or Advisor

Complete the Change of Major or Advisor Form from Registrar Forms. You must obtain all signatures prior to bringing it to BC Central. A BC Advocate will process your request, if the form is complete.

Withdrawal, Attendance and Participation

For policy regarding withdrawal from Bluefield College, please see the current Academic Catalog.

Students requesting a withdrawal from the College (as a whole) will need to download the College Withdrawal Form from Registrar Forms and submit it to BC Central. The form must be completed with all signatures (Academic Affairs, Financial Aid, Admissions, Library, Student Development, Business Office, and Athletic Representative—if applicable). The Registrar will not sign the form until all other signatures have been obtained. A BC Advocate will process the request after all signatures have been obtained.

Note: Online students will need to download the form, hand-sign it, and scan/email it to . A BC Central representative will contact and guide you through the online student college withdrawal process.