As historians, we believe the past informs the future. As a BC history major, you’ll enjoy small classes featuring personalized instruction and unique, immersive learning sessions that bring history to life. You might visit a historic estate, or learn to make a quill pen as you study the history of Virginia.

Understanding how events relate to their times is one reason why the history faculty team teaches unique courses with faculty from other disciplines, such as Irish history and literature and the history of crime and punishment.

Hands-on History

Our classes emphasize critical thinking and information analysis. But it’s not just about names and dates. You’ll have the chance to dive into creative projects to showcase what you’ve learned. Past projects have included student-created podcasts and websites about a specific topic of interest. You can also take your studies to the next level by developing professional expertise through a customized internship.

An undergraduate degree in history prepares you for a career as a researcher in a museum or historic site. You might work as an archivist. Historians are also excellent communicators and advocates. Or you might choose to work as an educator in schools or the park service. Prepare for your future and schedule a campus visit to meet with us.

The Academic Catalog is the student’s guide to all policies and procedures for Bluefield College.

On-Campus: August 19, 2021



Courses & Requirements:

General Education & Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree (BA)
General Education (52 Credits)

General Education requirements may be fulfilled in more specific courses for certain majors. Students seeking a BA degree must complete 6 credit hours of intermediate language studies.

  • Bluefield Core (9 Credits)
  • Composition (6 Credits)
  • Christian Studies (3 Credits)
  • Fine Arts (3 Credits)
  • History (6 Credits)
  • Literature (3 Credits)
  • Macroeconomics (3 Credits)
  • Math (3 Credits)
  • Science (4 Credits)
  • Social Science (3 Credits)
  • Speech (3 Credits)
Core Requirements (12 Credits)

  • World Civilization I
  • World Civilization II
  • United States History I
  • United States History II
  • History & Historians
  • Senior Seminar
Concentrations (30 Credits)

Choose your Concentration (2 Available)

  • Concentration – Historical Studies
    • 3000-4000 level American History (6 Credits)
    • 3000-4000 level European/World History (6 Credits)
    • History Course Electives (18 Credits)
  • Concentration – History & Social Science (Teacher Licensure)
    • Virginia History
    • 20th Century America
    • Early Modern Europe
    • Europe 1815 – Present
    • History of American Government & Politics
    • Renaissance & Reformation
    • (Choose 1)
      • Ancient History
      • Medieval History
      • 19th Century America
      • Latin American History
      • History of the Middle East
    • World Religions
    • Principles of Macroeconomics
    • (Choose 1)
      • Minority Issues in Criminal Justice
      • Minority Groups in America
      • Minority Issues in Psychology
    • Teacher Licensure Requirements
Electives (26 Credits)
Total Credits: 120

Take a look at some of the career opportunities available to graduates of this program:

History Teacher
Government Historian
Park Service Historian
Museum Curator
Political Advisor