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Lunch Dishwasher

12:00pm – 1:00pm (Monday – Friday)
11:00am – 3:00pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Aprons, hats, and a uniform will be provided and must be worn by all employees at all times.  Please wash your hands before starting your job.


  1. Depending on the meal, you will have:
    • (1-2) person working together to clear window, scraping and stacking the dishes and racking glasses.  Then rinsing and loading dishes into the machine.
    • (1-2) person unloading clean dishes.
    • (1-2) person assisting in either area as needed and sorting silver and carrying clean dishes to the serving area
  1. Please note that pots/pans will be washed using the dish machine. During slow times catch up on any pots and pans that are soiled.
  2. Work as a team!!

Dishwashing Procedure

  1. Set up and fill the dish machine. Check soap and rinse additive.  Start the garbage disposal and scrap sink.
  2. Keep the window clear of trays. Work together during rushes to keep the trays from backing up.
  3. Scrape/stack dishes and rack glasses. Rinse glassed and soiled dishes in scrap table and then send through dish machine.
  4. Keep silverware/glasses / and any other dishes that are in demand moving through the machine; especially during rushes.
  5. During slow periods work together sorting silver / carrying dishes to the serving area / and closedown cleanup.
  6. Pay particular attention to all signs pertaining to dish machine operation. These are very important.

Complete the following checklist before clocking out:

  • All silverware and utensils must be sorted and put away
  • All carts that are used out front are to be wiped off BEFORE clean dishes are placed in them – including silverware carts. Polish all stainless steel carts
  • Clean silverware carts; Remove all clutter.
  • Towels bleached / rinsed / hung
  • Machine drained / flushed (use hose in the evening), polished (top also), legs, garbage disposal area, and scrap trough
  • Refill machine for next meal (after breakfast and lunch only)
  • Sweep the floors and under things clear to the walls. Use clean water and mop and make sure to rinse mop and bucket when done
  • Keep the janitorial rack clean and in order
  • Clean all dish room walls by the sprayer and behind the racks
  • All stainless steel polished
  • Stack racks neatly
  • Tray belt area clean
  • Overhead racks clean and polished
  • Check chemical supplies. Alert manager of any excess usage
  • Silver sorting area clean and organized. Stainless steel table polished
  • Please check with the manager before clocking out

Qualification Standards

  1. Knowledge in the operation of the following equipment:
    • Dishwasher
    • Chemical Dispensing
  1. Ability to recognize and maintain the highest standards regarding the appearance and flavor of food served.
  2. Completion of Pioneer College Caterers Sanitation Training Program (ServSafe).
  3. Maintain a clean and well-organized working environment.


You will be evaluated on the quality and quantity of food/work produced daily.  A policy of clean as you go will be enforced.  Worktables, sinks, carts, equipment, and floor must be clean both during and before the end of each shift.  All guidelines outlined in your employee handbook must be adhered to.  A formal written evaluation will be performed by your supervisor twice each year.

Safety Guidelines

Observing safety rules is an important part of each job in the kitchen.  Please observe all safety posters and guidelines.  Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available for all chemicals used in the kitchen.  Please familiarize yourself with their location.  Safety in the workplace is the responsibility of everyone.  Let us all work together to make our kitchen a safe place to work.

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