Business Administration (BS) Program Overview

Do you dream of running your company or working with a global firm? A business administration degree at Bluefield College’s Caudill School of Business is the answer. You have the option of an on-campus, traditional program or a self-paced, online business administration program. Both prepare you for the real world. Our experience-focused program is built on outside-the-box thinking. You can choose accounting, management, or information technology as a concentration to power your business degree with in-demand specialized knowledge. If you’re thinking globally, a study abroad opportunity in social entrepreneurship is possible.

Business Degree Opportunities

Bluefield business administration students can take advantage of networking with BC’s engaged alumni, and a robust internship program with local, digital, and regional professionals. The undergraduate online program offers courses in an 8-week format, making it a flexible choice. No matter which style of learning you choose, a capstone course focuses on the real-world problems you want to solve. When you’re ready for an MBA program, your business degree provides a firm foundation for graduate work.

Available Concentrations

  • Management

  • Accounting

  • Information Technology

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On-Campus: Spring Semester 2021
Online: January 2021

On-Campus Tuition & Fees
Online Per Credit: $365



Courses & Requirements:

General Education & Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree (BS)
General Education (49-52 Credits)

General Education requirements may be fulfilled in more specific courses for certain majors

  • Bluefield Core (9* Credits)
  • Composition (6 Credits)
  • Christian Studies (3*- 6** Credits)
  • Fine Arts (3 Credits)
  • History (6 Credits)
  • Literature (3 Credits)
  • Macroeconomics (3 Credits)
  • Math (3*- 6** Credits)
  • Science (4 Credits)
  • Social Science (3 Credits)
  • Speech (3 Credits)

* On-Campus   ** Online

Major Requirements (36 Credits)

  • Introduction to Business
  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Principles of Accounting I
  • Principles of Accounting II
  • Principles of Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Business Communication
  • Business Finance
  • Business Internship
  • Business Policy and Strategy
Concentration (11-15 Credits)

Choose your Concentration (4 Available)

  • Concentration – Accounting (15 Credits)
    • Business Law
    • Intermediate Accounting I
    • Intermediate Accounting II
    • Cost Accounting
    • Auditing
    • Income Taxes
    • Government & Not-for-Profit Accounting
    • Special Topics in Business
  • Concentration – Management (11 Credits)
    • Personal Finance
    • International Business
    • Business Ethics
    • Quantitative Methods for Management
    • Human Resources Management
    • Management Information Systems
  • Concentration – Information Technology (11 Credits)
    • Program Design & Development
    • Visual Basic
    • Database Concepts
    • Special Topics in Business
    • Data Communication
    • Internet Technologies
    • Management Information Systems
Electives (7-11)
Total Credits: 120

Take a look at some of the career opportunities available to graduates of this program:

General Manager
Project Manager
Small Business Owner
Information Technology Support Specialist
Cybersecurity Technician
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