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Bluefield University Students to Receive iPad Devices

by | May 10, 2021

Bluefield, VA Bluefield University has announced their partnership with Apple to bring new iPad bundles to every on-campus student and faculty member this coming fall semester. The new initiative, ‘RAMSConnect’, will ensure students have equal access to their classroom experience.

As students return to campus in August, each on-campus student will receive the iPad Air 4, Smart Keyboard, and the Apple Pencil 2. Students will be able to keep these devices upon graduating from BU.

RAMSConnect emphasizes Bluefield University’s commitment of providing the best opportunity for student success and preparation for their future career for every student. The availability of powerful technology for all students and faculty provides possibilities to enhance today’s learning, the journey through the college experience, and needed digital effectiveness for the workplace that was previously not possible.

RAMSConnect also supports BU’s effort to create a more affordable education, saving students money through more cost-effective digital textbooks and apps, which are also more current than traditional textbook. The ability to reduce printing costs and having other educational resources at the student’s fingertips in a lightweight device are advantages students will experience.

“What makes this new strategic goal a ‘game changer’ for BU students is that all will have the same equipment for accessing classroom technology,” said Dr. Marshall Flowers, vice president of Academic Affairs at Bluefield University. “This will include livestream and lecture capture sessions, eTextbooks, and the new online learning platform, Canvas.”

Every iPad will be preloaded with classroom and productivity applications when students receive them. Several events will be held as students return to distribute the iPad devices to students. Apple professionals and volunteers will be available for support with login information and training sessions for students to effectively use their devices.

BU faculty members have already received their iPad bundle and are currently training with Apple Professional Learning sessions for effective use of the iPad in the classroom. Students will also have access to Apple training resources and personnel.

Faculty will be able to use features of the standardized apps and features of the iPad to better assure of effective connection and communication with students.

“With everyone, faculty and students, having the same technology, we can create a technology environment that will make it easier for everyone to present and exchange information and files,” said Dr. David Olive, president of Bluefield University. “Connectivity and collaboration between professors and their students will also be enhanced with the shared platform.”

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