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Bluefield University Hosts 29th Annual Duremdes Christian Emphasis Week

by | Sep 21, 2020

Bluefield, VA – Bluefield University will host its 29th Annual Duremdes Christian Emphasis Week, September 23-25, featuring three morning sessions of spiritual discourse led by artist and author, Nigel Darius. The sessions will be live-streamed at 10 a.m. each day, Wednesday through Friday, in Harman Chapel. A native of Logan, WV, and a graduate of Marshall University, Darius lives a life of lucidity. Authentic, ambitious, and honest – he longs to share his life experiences by means of creativity.

Darius believes that it is imperative that we collectively use our gifts to give back. “I’m inspired by society, diverse world views, and the challenges we face as we exist within humanity,” said Darius. In his literary debut, Humanity’s Table, Darius invites others into a world of contemplation, artfully crafted around a list of experiences. These reflections are vulnerably offered up with the hope of evoking thought and inspiring action.
Darius’ book, Humanity’s Table, is an attempt to reconnect with reality: putting the wanted and unwanted parts of oneself on display – further exercising the power of vulnerability. Often prompted with the question: all alone or fully known? This book is a response to the latter, pulling power from the former. The poems, short stories, and artful illustrations were compiled from the heart of real-life experiences – crafted for the sole purpose of evoking thought and inspiring action. Since 1992, thanks to the generosity of Drs. Gene and Jane Duremdes of Princeton, West Virginia, who sponsor the Christian Emphasis event, the university has set aside a week in the school year for students and the community to focus on faith through the facilitation of spiritual speakers, leaders, and musicians. Sensing a “special calling” to “share with the students of Bluefield University some of the blessings they have received from the Lord,” the Duremdes created the event with BU leaders to give students and the public-at-large the opportunity to “examine their spiritual lives” and to “seek answers to life-impacting questions.”We will be focusing on the word, ‘Renew’”, said Darius. “We will discuss the power of purpose, the importance of our identity, and learning how to love our neighbors through it all.” I look forward to Duremdes Christian Emphasis Week as it is sure to be engaging and encouraging for our whole campus community,” said campus pastor Robbie Gaines. “I’m praying for an experience that leads students, faculty, and staff to the love of Christ.”

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