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Choosing a Christian College: What to Look For

You’d probably be surprised at how many Christian colleges there are. Before you decide which one you might want to attend, look for differences that are important to you. You want a good education and a welcoming environment that will provide for your personal and spiritual growth.

Christian College Mission and Values

Although college is a time of growth and exploration, you don’t want to attend a school that is diametrically opposed to your belief system. To find out what a university is all about, check out its mission statement. Most colleges have this easily accessible on their website. Read through the mission statement and any outlined values listed to see if they align with your own.

Areas of Study at a Christian College

The college you attend will need to have the major you intend to study, but you may not yet know what that is. Choose a school that offers some variety. About a third of college students switch majors. If that becomes you, you’ll want a school that provides good alternatives.

College Campus Location

Your college experience extends beyond the campus. Whether you choose to live on-campus or off, you want to be in a community that fits your personal needs. If you’ve never left home before and are a bit apprehensive of the transition, look at the community you’ll join. Do you want the hustle and bustle of a busy city or something quieter and more picturesque in a rural environment? Ask yourselves these questions and then start with a virtual tour of the area to see what kinds of stores, outdoor recreation, entertainment, politics, and more are in the area. Once you get a feel for the community, schedule an in-person campus tour to experience it all first-hand.

Class Size at a Christian College

Not all Christian colleges offer small class sizes, but many of them do. If you think you can do well in stadium-seating classrooms, then you may not care about class size. But if you worry about getting lost in the crowd, find out what the average student-to-faculty ratio is. Smaller class sizes provide greater access to instructors, more individualized attention, and the ability to more easily connect with your peers. Your learning and growth depend on the people around you, so you may want to target colleges that give you the opportunity to easily connect.

Christian College Student Life

College is about more than coursework and degrees. The experiences you have with your peers can create lifelong memories. Research student life and look for evidence of activities and opportunities that provide balance with learning. Student organizations and athletics are other great ways to get the most out of a college experience. These extracurricular activities can help you unwind, connect with others, and develop deep friendships.

Campus Ministries

Every Christian college should have a strong Christian environment for students and faculty. Look for opportunities for spiritual growth, including religious services, small group bible studies, and other aspects of a community of faith. Mission opportunities can also be an important component to your Christian college experience. These trips help you learn about other cultures, people, and environments while providing a service to those in need. For many, mission work is among the most fulfilling parts of their college experience.

Financial Aid and Student Services

College is a large financial commitment. To help offset the cost of tuition, see what financial aid options each Christian university provides. Target those universities that provide greater financial aid assistance, and apply early to see what is available to you. Also look into the different counseling, academic, physical and mental health services that are available. You want to study in an environment that supports you academically, emotionally, and spiritually. Look for a strong network of support services to help you live your healthiest and happiest life while you attend college.

For nearly 100 years, Bluefield University has been providing a strong Christ-focused educational environment to students from all over the world. Our dedicated faculty, challenging academics, and service-minded focus help prepare students for fulfilling lives helping communities in need. We offer more than 70 different online and in-person programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, along with athletics and a rich student life. Located in the scenic Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, our campus is a relaxing and beautiful environment for personal and spiritual growth. Plan your visit today.

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