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Is a Christian College Right for Me?

In an increasingly tumultuous world, you may need a place of respite when it comes time to attend college. Especially if you are committed to faith, service, family, community, and country, a secular college may not provide you with the type of education you crave. But what will it be like to attend a Christian college when most institutions of higher education seem to leave faith off the table?

If your Christian values are an important part of who you are, you probably don’t want to abandon them when you head off to college. A Christian college surrounds you with reminders of your faith, whether in the classroom, at bible study, during chapel, or anywhere on campus. Whether you want to remain steadfast to your beliefs or pursue a more religious path for your future, a Christian college can help you grow and nurture your faith. Choosing where you go to college is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make and finding a place that aligns with your values could be critical to a lifetime of fulfillment.

What Makes a Christian College Different than a Traditional College?

Many religious institutions of higher education offer all the pros of a traditional college experience, while removing the less desirable aspects that can get in the way of your education and your ability to pursue a path of compassionate service.

  1. Smaller Class Sizes: Most Christian colleges are small, private institutions. Unlike their public school counterparts, there are more professors for fewer students and you are more likely to find a more personal and fulfilling experience.
  2. Safe Campuses and Respectful Classrooms: When students are mutually grounded in faith and compassion and come from a morally sound background, they treat one another with respect. And when your focus is your faith and your education, you’re less likely to participate in destructive behaviors such as partying, drinking, and drug use, some of which can disrupt campus harmony and lead to violence.
  3. Affordability: Many faith-based colleges strive to make affordability among their goals. They may offer competitive tuition, room, and board or may provide reduced tuition to students who live locally. Christian schools might also provide significant grant or scholarship aid to most of their students.
  4. Academic Support: A Christian college still offers ample program selection and rigorous coursework, but also support from professors and tutors. Free online and on-campus tutoring services and labs led by peers for small groups or individual sessions can help you find and build academic success.
  5. Service Opportunities: Balancing a rigorous course load can make it a challenge to stay on a path of service. But at a Christian college, service will central to everything you do. It’s a component that’s built into campus life, with many opportunities to give back to others on campus, in the community, and the world at large.
  6. Opportunity to Worship: Unlike secular schools where you may find it challenging to practice your faith, Christian schools place worship as a top priority. You will have access to chapels or places of worship right on campus. Bible studies, classroom prayer, and courses on religion are all common. You’ll be able to easily integrate your faith into your learning and your living, so you can continue down a path of service and devotion.
  7. Well Rounded: Just like secular schools, Christian colleges have many ways for you to get involved in activities outside the classroom. Whether that’s through varsity or intramural athletics, clubs and organizations, or on-campus jobs, you will get the full college experience on a Christian campus. Additionally, faith-based schools have a strong alumni and business partner network. This means you will be able to tap into networking resources when you graduate and are ready to enter the workforce.


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