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Benefits of Earning an MBA from a Christian University

Oct 19, 2021

An MBA degree program can provide you with advanced business acumen, critical leadership skills, new networking opportunities, and improved salary potential. But when you earn your Master of Business Administration (MBA) from a Christian University, you can also look forward to a career backed by strong morals, ethics, faith, and purpose.

Learn Business Ethics from a Christian Perspective

Good ethical principles and corporate profitability are not mutually exclusive. Many companies led by Christian leaders are able to be both successful, and morally responsible. When you learn to apply Christian ethics to business principles while you’re still in school, you’re more likely to bring them with you into your career.

At a Christian university, Christian ethics will be infused into your MBA program. Especially in courses focused on legal and ethical business practices, you can be assured that your Christian beliefs will be honored and supported. You’ll learn the fundamentals of the American legal system and how to meet regulatory requirements, while also exploring the importance of ethical decision-making in business contexts.

An MBA With a Christian Learning Environment

When you study for your MBA at a Christian university, you will be immersed in a dynamic, motivational, and Christian learning environment. You will learn all the advanced business principles and practices you need to succeed in your career, while also coming to understand servant leadership, commitment, and how to contribute to a global community.

Whether you earn your MBA on campus or online, you can visit your school and also become part of the broader Christian community. You can attend chapel and participate in Bible study groups. You may also find opportunities to volunteer within the neighboring community to serve diverse populations.

Learn Positive Leadership Strategies at a Christian University

Any MBA program will teach you what makes a good leader. A Christian university will teach you how to become one, in the truest sense. You learn skills that can help you help others, while also succeeding in your career.

Each of the following skills and attributes can strengthen your life as a leader and servant of the Lord.

  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Empathy
  • Leading by example
  • Ethics
  • Communication
  • Fair and equal treatment
  • Fairness
  • Firm moral compass
  • Honesty
  • Accountability

Participate in Service-Based MBA Capstone Opportunities

At the culmination of your hard work in an MBA program, you’ll complete a capstone where you’ll be able to put your newly attained knowledge to good use. If you are employed, you can identify an issue and bring your skills to your current organization. Alternatively, you could identify issues in your community at a local healthcare facility or clinic, for example, and donate your time and skills to solving a problem affecting your community.

Benefits You Bring to Your Career When You Train at a Christian University

Good ethics are good for business. Some of the world’s most well-liked companies — like Tom’s Shoes or Patagonia — are led by people with strong values. Moral business leaders are more liked by their colleagues and lead companies that are more successful. From community to customer, morally strong leaders are more respected by all those who work with them. This type of leader is also more trusted by customers and teammates and sets an example that many respect and try to emulate. In fact, moral leaders keep their teams intact for longer with less turnover, than leaders without strong ethics. The qualities of an ethical leader are highly sought after in the business world yet seem to be in short supply today.

Demand for Ethical Business Leaders is Strong

In today’s business world, ethical leadership is needed more than ever. Plus, the COVID-19 Pandemic has opened up our world to new challenges to health, humanity, and economics. Leaders that can navigate challenging and uncertain times with poise, integrity, and morality are better set up to lead teams and grow businesses. Strong leaders build strong teams, and strong teams are less susceptible to instability in this ever-changing economic landscape.


Bluefield University’s online MBA program will prepare you for a career as an ethical leader in the service of others. Our program is 36 credits and offers specializations in healthcare administration, justice administration, or leadership. Completion of the program also involves a capstone project that gives you the chance to work on an aspect of business that’s important to you, your work, and your spiritual fulfillment. Inquire now for more information.

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