Biomedical Sciences (MABS) Program Overview

The 9-month Master of Arts in Biomedical Sciences (MABS) program is offered in partnership with the Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM). MABS students gain valuable knowledge and clinical experience to prepare for medical school and professional healthcare programs. Meeting the benchmarks in the master’s program can provide acceptance into the VCOM D.O. program on one of four campuses, unlike programs that only provide an interview.

Prepare for a Healthcare Career

Our MABS program curriculum mirrors medical school by emphasizing biomedical coursework, research experience, field study, and seminars in professional development. Students spend 40+ hours interacting with rural Appalachian populations who have limited access to basic health care due to location, poverty, and other systemic factors. Students teach children and adults about public health and/or participate in free clinics.

Courses within the program are taught by faculty who also teach in the VCOM D.O. program. “Faculty in this program love teaching because they play an instrumental role in shaping the lives and molding the philosophy of future physicians and scientists,” says Dr. Emily Lambert, Dean of Sciences.

The reasonable cost of tuition, no MCAT requirement, and opportunities offered by meeting the benchmarks make the BC biomedical sciences program the smart choice. Pursue your dream by emailing the MABS admissions office to learn how you can be among the 130 students in our program.

Please note: Applications for the 2021-2022 class are now being accepted. Applications will be accepted through April 15, 2021. For more information, please email the Admissions Coordinator.

The Academic Catalog is the student guide to all policies and procedures for Bluefield College.

The MABS Handbook should be utilized for more specific information on program details or policies

Admission Requirements   Benchmarks & Acceptance to VCOM
Technical Standards  Accepted Student Information

On-Campus: July, 2021

$14,000 per semester



Courses &

Master's Degree (MA)
Degree Requirements (35 Credits)

  • Health Policy & Social Determinants of Health (3 Credits)
  • Biochemistry (3 Credits)
  • Medical Anatomy (3 Credits)
  • Cell Physiology (3 Credits)
  • Neuroscience (2 Credits)
  • Research & Biostatistics (3 Credits)
  • Human Nutrition (3 Credits)
  • Immunology (3 Credits)
  • Histology/Embryology (4 Credits)
  • Community Health (1 Credit)
  • Human Genetics (2 Credits)
  • Field Seminar (2 Credits P/F)
  • Microbiology (3 Credits)
Total Credits: 35

Take a look at some of the career opportunities available to graduates of this program:

Biomedical Engineer
Biomedical Technician