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by | Jun 3, 2020

BLUEFIELD, VA – June 1, 2020, was a record-breaking day for Bluefield College. Each spring, the college invites alumni and friends to show their support during its annual day of giving, BC Giving Day. This year’s theme was “The Sprint for 100” with a goal of 100 donors and $100,000. That goal was surpassed with 240 donors and over $160,000 raised, making it the largest giving day in Bluefield College history.

Gifts to the college on BC Giving Day go toward supporting student scholarships, academic programs, athletics, and other areas of need.

“We are extremely grateful to the donors who supported Bluefield College students on this historic giving day,” said Josh Grubb, associate vice president of institutional advancement. “I believe it says a lot about the love shared across our campus community, the dedication to our Christ-centered mission, the college’s resiliency during uncertain and difficult times, and God’s provision current students and those who attend or years to come.”

Traditionally, BC Giving Day coincides with Mud Pig Day. The annual celebration includes activities such as a cookout and a mud pit for students before final exams, but those were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, the college partnered with a local alumna to offer an incentive to help local businesses along with Bluefield College students.

The giving incentive, BC Loves Local, generated a $25 gift card or certificate to a local business each time someone gave $50 or more to the college on BC Giving Day. A generous alum agreed to partner with the college toward the purchase of gift cards for the first 120 donors who gave $50 and choose the BC Loves Local incentive. The donors were contacted and asked to choose a local business they wanted the college to support.

The gift cards will be purchased in June and distributed to Bluefield College students in a random drawing when they return to campus in the fall.

Other BC Giving Day challenges included the Caudill School of Business Challenge. During a Zoom meeting on Friday, May 29, Dr. Donald Caudill surprised Dr. Sharon Perot, interim dean, Caudill School of Business, with a special BC Giving Day announcement and challenge. Dr. Caudill pledged to match all gifts made to the Caudill School of Business at a 3:1 ratio. In addition, he pledged to match 2:1 for all new donors. Dr. Caudill generously matched the gifts for up to a total of $25,000.

In 2018, the school of business was named the Dr. Donald W. Caudill School of Business thanks to Dr. Caudill’s significant support.

Garry (’74) and Isis Jones pledged to give $20,000 with 50 gifts, which was matched earlier in the day. Jones is the president of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

David Bailey (’60) and Rod Hale (’60) matched up to $7,020 for the classes of 1959-1961.

A $50,000 donation from an anonymous donor was reached when the campaign reached 100 donors.

“BC Giving Day is about giving love and support to the college and our students,” said Joshua Cline, vice president of institutional advancement. “We reach many people on our giving day.  This year, we felt we had the platform and leverage to not only make an impact on the lives of our students but our locally owned businesses.  We are all in this together, and we wanted to share that love with our locally owned businesses in the area.  We appreciate and thank everyone who contributed.  The ripple effect of each gift is far-reaching into this community.”

Click the link below to view BC’s celebration video on YouTube.


For more information about BC Giving Day, contact Josh Grubb, associate vice president of institutional advancement, via email at or by phone at 276.326.4211.

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