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English (BA) Program Overview

Do you dream of being a masterful communicator? Are you a critical thinker seeking truth and finding beauty in words? Do you see yourself as a successful author? Then the English degree at BU is for you. As an English major, you will choose either a literature or writing concentration. Each concentration offers specialized courses on topics that speak to you. Hone creative writing skills in exciting workshops. Polish critical thinking skills with fellow students in special seminars focused on such topics as mythology, fairy tales, literature & healing, or science fiction. As an English major, you’ll study with accomplished faculty members who are fully committed to your success in college and your career.

Theory and Hands-On Practice

Designed with the real world in mind, English program students gain practical experience with Bluefield University’s literary magazine, The Bluestone Review. Or you can serve as a tutor helping fellow students in the Academic Center for Excellence.

Are you ready to explore centuries of the written word and analyze the diverse experiences that shape us? Take the first step toward a transformative education by completing the request information form today.

Available Concentrations

Literature Concentration

This concentration immerses students in a diverse range of literary works, fostering an appreciation for language and storytelling. It sharpens critical thinking and analysis skills, preparing graduates for careers in education, writing, or further academic pursuits in literature.

Pre-Law Concentration

Tailored for students considering a legal career, this concentration emphasizes critical reading, persuasive writing, and ethical reasoning skills. It provides a strong foundation for law school, equipping students with the skills needed for success in legal studies and related fields.

Writing Concentration

Focusing on developing versatile writing skills, this concentration covers creative, technical, and professional writing. Ideal for aspiring authors, journalists, or content creators, it equips students with the tools to craft compelling narratives and effective communication in various mediums.

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Tuition: On-Campus Tuition & Fees
Next Start: August 2024 (On-Campus)
Time to Complete: 4 years

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Courses & Requirements

Bachelor's Degree (BA)
General Education (52 Credits)

General Education requirements may be fulfilled in more specific courses for certain majors

  • Intro to Writing Perspective
  • Argumentative & Analytical Writing
  • Literature (3 Credits)
  • Biblical Perspectives
  • World Civilization I or II
  • US History I or II
  • Science w/ Lab (4 Credits)
  • Social Science (3 Credits)
  • Fine Arts (3 Credits)
  • Fundamentals of Speech
  • College Algebra I
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Invitation to Inquiry
  • Personal Wellness
  • Character Formation
  • Civic & Global Response
Core Requirements (18 Credits)

  • History of the English Language
  • Intro to Creative Writing
  • (Choose 4)
    • Literature Appreciation
    • British Literature I
    • British Literature II
    • American Literature I
    • American Literature II
    • World Literature I
    • World Literature II
    • Literature & Healing
    • The Meaning of Myth
    • Literature of Quest
    • Fairy Tales
    • Science Fiction
    • Literature and The Life of Faith
    • Appalachian Literature
    • Literature: The Short Story
    • Literary Nonfiction: The Fourth Genre
Concentrations (33 Credits)

Choose your Concentration (2 Available)

  • Concentration – Literature
    • Shakespeare
    • Regional & Ethnic Literature
    • Introduction to Creative Writing or Creative Nonfiction
    • (Choose 8)
      • Modern English Grammar
      • Literature of Children & Adolescents
      • World Literature II
      • Literature & Healing
      • The Meaning of Myth
      • Literature of the Quest
      • Fairy Tales
      • Science Fiction
      • Literature & The Life of Faith
      • Studies in Rhetoric
      • Medieval Literature
      • Renaissance British Literature
      • Eighteenth-Century British Literature
      • Nineteenth-Century British Literature
      • Nineteenth-Century American Literature
      • Twentieth & Twenty-First-Century Literature
      • Special Topics in Literature
  • Concentration – Writing
    • Modern English Grammar
    • Introduction to Creative Writing
    • Technical Writing
    • English Internship
    • Advanced Creative Writing
    • Creative Nonfiction
    • Studies in Rhetoric
    • Journalism
    • Public Relations I
    • Two Additional 3000-4000 Level English Courses
Minors & Electives (17 Credits)
Total Credits: 120

Career opportunities available to graduates of this program include:

News Reporter
Editor/Content Manager
Technical Writer
Human Resources Specialist
Social Media Manager
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