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Counseling – Admission & Graduation Requirements

Application Procedure

Admission to the Counseling program will be competitive and limited to candidates capable of performing on the graduate level.  Applicants to the program must submit evidence of the following:

Steps To Apply

  1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a 3.0-grade point average (GPA) or 2.5 GPA to 2.99 for provisional admission status
  2. Official undergraduate transcripts showing degree conferred and major completed
  3. Official transcripts showing any completed graduate coursework.
  4. Application forms
  5. Personal Statement: should include a description of the experiences that led you to pursue this degree as well as your career goals. The statement should also include your perceived aptitude for forming effective and culturally relevant interpersonal relationships with clients. Culture is defined broadly and includes ability/disability status, ethnicity, race, religion/spirituality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital/partnership status, and socioeconomic status. Please comment on your experience with diverse populations in your personal statement. Personal Statements should consider aspects of professionalism and addressability to commit to the rigor of a professional development graduate-level program
  6. Bluefield University graduate reference forms: completed by instructors or professional references addressing the student’s potential for graduate study in education.
  7. Current Resume/CV
  8. Eligibility for readmission (or in good standing) at the last college or university attended
  9. Personal Interview is required. Once the Counseling Program faculty review all applications, selected applicants may be invited to interview.

Additionally, selected applicants must participate in a group interview with the Counseling faculty.

Admissions decisions are made based on an overall evaluation of all stated criteria. Students who minimally meet the criteria for admission may be invited for an interview with program faculty. The purpose of the interview is to obtain additional information in order to make an informed decision. Failure to meet minimum criteria in one area will not necessarily be cause for admissions rejection.

Graduation Requirements

The graduation requirements for the Counseling Program include the completion of 60 credit hours of required graduate coursework. Students may transfer no more than twelve credit hours toward the required total hours for completion.

Graduation Requirements include:

  1. Complete all coursework and requirements within 5 calendar years
  2. Complete clinical practicum of at least 100 hours
  3. Complete clinical Internship of at least 600 hours
  4. Each graduate must complete all required courses with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  5. Complete final comprehensive examination (CPCE)
  6. Complete and submit the Application for Graduation form and pay all fees.


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