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All students are a vital part of the student body of Bluefield College and significantly contribute to the student life, leadership, and program of activities. In addition, each office within the Division of Student Development serves as resources for all students.  Bluefield College students are an integral part of the College and are encouraged to participate in all phases of campus and student life.

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As a traditional liberal arts institution, Bluefield College recognizes the need for balance between the classroom and the co-curricular experience. The total college experience permeates all aspects of the College community to develop the total person. The Student Development Program at Bluefield College is designed to be an integral part of the education process by supporting and strengthening the educational, social, spiritual, and physical experiences of the student.

The Division of Student Development employs a highly qualified and trained professional staff that works collaboratively with the academic community to create an educational experience which meets the needs and interest of the students and prepares them for both their professional and personal careers. The professional staff includes the V.P. for Student Development, Administrative Assistant, Director of Campus Safety, Director of Residence Life, Campus Minister, Director of Athletics, health Services Coordinator, Bonner Coordinator, Intramural Coordinator, 3 Resident Hall Directors, 12 Resident Assistants and several student employees.

The office is responsible for commuter students, residence life, student rights and responsibilities, organizations and activities, student government, the judicial system, campus ministries, student health and counseling needs. In addition, our staff members work closely together with other College personnel to represent student concerns.


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