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Rampage Columns

Country Roads

The song Country Roads filled the ears of all those at Dr. Marsha Mead’s presentation for the Appalachian symposium in February. She showed us all the song, reminding us that we are all drawn back to the mountains--back to the place we call home. She pointed out that the Appalachian people ...

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Inspiration on Campus

For those who know me well it’s not a surprise when I say my guilty pleasure is buying fashion magazines. I enjoy flipping through and getting inspiration for either creating outfits from pieces I already own or exploring styles that can update my look. I also follow a few fashion blogs ...

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Ring, Ring! It's Phonathon!

It’s my second year of Phonathon, which means that it is my second year of calling BC friends and alumni and asking them if they would be willing to make a donation to the BC Fund for Scholars. It’s a really great fund, by the way, because it helps students like me attend school ...

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The View from China

Lydia Freeman, managing editor of The Rampage, was one of two students to study in China last May through an exchange program at Jiangsu Second Normal University. Four students from BC will participate this year:  T.J. Huff, Rachel Stairs, Morgan Lloyd, and Corey Royal.     This ...

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Man’s Best Friend

There’s an interesting bond between man and pet. From the first mouse-catching cat domesticated in Ancient Egypt to the first domesticated wolf, pets have been a part of households a long time.   We Homo sapiens enjoy the company of our human friends, but we long for a furry, ...

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