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BC Students Attend Candlelight Vigil

Teenagers committing suicide as a result of being bullied in school has become a leading headline in the news media. Most of these news stories haven’t hit home for some BC students until now. On April 2, a candlelight vigil was held at the Princeton Senior High School football field to ...

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Write a letter to the president of your college nominating your faculty advisor for...   I pick up my pencil and start making marks on plain white paper. Three pieces. I can mess two up before the third one. I’m worried about form more than content. Form and silly errors like ...

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Escaping the Sun

I wake up and feel tiny bumps on my arms that seem to have popped up overnight. I sigh as I realize it is officially spring, and the sun’s rays have become stronger.   Many people on campus suffer from seasonal allergies, but this mostly refers to things like pollen and grass. I also ...

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Making Disciples

I went to Disciple Now in Roanoke with too little knowledge and expertise. I got nauseated on the car ride, shy when we arrived, and honestly, for a second I was lost.   But let’s get back to the beginning. First I need to tell you what Disciple Now is: Take a youth group, bring in a ...

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Spring Formal Fun

I’m on top of the ladder that lets me reach to the ceiling of the caf. The music starts playing, and I start dancing. Anthony rolls his eyes at me. On the ground I can see Quack, Caitlin, and Amber, dancing, too, as they try on the court’s prizes. I laugh with them from so many feet ...

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