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Rampage Columns

The View from China

Lydia Freeman, managing editor of The Rampage, was one of two students to study in China last May through an exchange program at Jiangsu Second Normal University. Four students from BC will participate this year:  T.J. Huff, Rachel Stairs, Morgan Lloyd, and Corey Royal.     This ...

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Behind Facades

“We all have demons. Don’t run from them. We have to put a harness on them. The trick is to get them to work for you. The worst experience in the world is a very great blessing.”   I met Jeannette Walls on a Thursday. My best friend Emily told me to try for an interview. I ...

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Rain On Our Hearts

We write our dreams on paper and make our vowels and consonants speak. Some of us write of lost love, of being trapped, of our faith in God, of death, of conquered fear.., the list goes on               The night begins with rhythm ...

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