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Write a letter to the president of your college nominating your faculty advisor for...   I pick up my pencil and start making marks on plain white paper. Three pieces. I can mess two up before the third one. I’m worried about form more than content. Form and silly errors like ...

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Making Disciples

I went to Disciple Now in Roanoke with too little knowledge and expertise. I got nauseated on the car ride, shy when we arrived, and honestly, for a second I was lost.   But let’s get back to the beginning. First I need to tell you what Disciple Now is: Take a youth group, bring in a ...

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Spring Formal Fun

I’m on top of the ladder that lets me reach to the ceiling of the caf. The music starts playing, and I start dancing. Anthony rolls his eyes at me. On the ground I can see Quack, Caitlin, and Amber, dancing, too, as they try on the court’s prizes. I laugh with them from so many feet ...

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Country Roads

The song Country Roads filled the ears of all those at Dr. Marsha Mead’s presentation for the Appalachian symposium in February. She showed us all the song, reminding us that we are all drawn back to the mountains--back to the place we call home. She pointed out that the Appalachian people ...

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Ring, Ring! It's Phonathon!

It’s my second year of Phonathon, which means that it is my second year of calling BC friends and alumni and asking them if they would be willing to make a donation to the BC Fund for Scholars. It’s a really great fund, by the way, because it helps students like me attend school ...

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