Welcome to the #RAMFAM

RAM Days are campus events over the summer for new students, their parents/guardians, and other family members.

You and your families are welcomed to campus for the day to make new friends, learn more about BC, and meet administrators and staff members. New students will register for classes, and receive a schedule, as well as their student ID card. RAM Day provides various opportunities for students to meet other future Rams, planned activities, an introduction to the Bluefield community, and the tying up of loose ends before the start of the semester.  Be sure to sign up for your RAM Day by clicking an upcoming event below or finding a later event on our campus calendar!

Bluefield Events

What is RAM Day for?

  • Introduce you to other future Rams.
  • Help you meet key staff and faculty members, who will be instrumental in your success as a BC student.
  • Help you and your family become familiar with the services provided by Bluefield College.
  • Give you the opportunity to register for classes and create your course schedule.
  • Assist you and your family in tying up loose ends with housing, financial aid, registration, and student accounts.

ram day schedule for students and families

Who's Invited?

All students who have been admitted to Bluefield College and have paid their $150 confirmation fee must come to one of our RAM Days. These events are scheduled throughout the summer. Parents are invited and strongly encouraged to attend a RAM Day event. Information sessions will be offered throughout the day for parents.

Is there a charge?

There is no charge for students to come to a RAM Day Event. All students are welcome to attend a RAM Day at no charge.

Register Now!

You can register for your RAM Day online through your MyBC account. Your log-in information for your MyBC account was emailed to you at the email address you provided when you were accepted to Bluefield College. If you have misplaced this information, please email for assistance with retrieving this information.

Be sure you have everything you need to get your RAM Day rolling!