College Leadership

Welcome to Bluefield College's virtual community!

Hopefully, you will not have to look too far to discover that Bluefield College is a unique place--a community of passionate people who seek to broaden their intellectual capacities and deepen their spiritual foundations. We believe a holistic education involves an integrated approach of faith and learning, an education not just preparing someone for a job, but preparing that individual for a meaningful life.

We desire that every graduate leaves Bluefield College equipped to think critically, communicate effectively, and impact the world in which they live in a positive and meaningful way. To accomplish this desire, we have embarked on four initiatives in our strategic plan:

  1. We will educate our students to change their world.
  2. We will enable our students to hear and respond to their call.
  3. We will enhance our resources to accomplish our mission and vision.
  4. We will engage our communities to foster mutually beneficial partnerships.

Although all are important to the success of our mission, the first two are critical to why we exist and are, in my opinion, what makes us unique in how we approach the transformation of students' lives.

As we prepare for a new generation of learners, we are diligently at work planning for our future. A few of our most recent endeavors have included a Campus Master Plan, the construction of a new residence hall, numerous renovations to existing residence facilities, the creation of a new Academic Center for Excellence, and enhancements to our Learning Resource Center. If you are interested in seeing what's on the horizon, take a moment to look at our capital campaign, Capturing the Imagination, or my favorite, the President's Wish List!

If you haven't been to Bluefield College or if it's been a while since you have, I invite you to come visit in person and see firsthand the exciting environment that makes this a unique place where we are passionate about learning and passionate about life.

In faithful service,