Welcome to Information Services & Technology

The IST Department maintains all network and telephony systems, nine student-use computer labs, 24 SMART/Multimedia classrooms, MyBC/e-Learning, a wide array of technology solutions, and supports over 1,200 users.

The IST Department will:
  • Integrate technology and learning for the enrichment of the college community.
  • Dedicate ourselves to provide a reliable service for the support and encouragement of each member of the college community.
  • Demonstrate a work ethic based on integrity, efficiency, and flexibility.

Bluefield College has a campus-wide fiber optic backbone providing 500Mbps of bandwidth to the campus. The network system is designed for future scalability so that it can grow as the needs of the campus grow. The cabling infrastructure encompasses a fiber backbone and a CAT5/CAT6 copper cable plant. Our network provides service to offices, classrooms and residence halls. Bluefield College's network also consists of over 100 wireless access points to provide wireless access for the entire Bluefield College campus.

To help you prepare for an outstanding academic experience while attending Bluefield College, the IST Department recommends that you have a laptop and/or desktop computer. We know that buying a new computer is a big decision, but we are here to help. Bluefield College has teamed up with Dell to offer you the best choice for your college computing needs. This program is designed to leverage the buying power of Bluefield College to the advantage of the faculty, staff and students to produce a discounted price. It also aligns our academic technology goals with our student body, thus producing a more seamless approach to academic technology integration. The computer recommendations in this program have been specifically designed to work with the technology at Bluefield College. For more information concerning the Dell University Program, please visit http://www.dell.com/dellu/bluefield.