The Bluestone Review
The Bluestone Review was warmly reviewed by both the campus and local communities.

The Bluestone Review

By Trey Wilson | May 7, 2011 | RSS

A reception was held at Bluefield College on April 18 to release the 17th edition of the annual Bluestone Review magazine.


A crowd of more than 50 students, faculty, and community members filled the Bluefield College Student Activities Center to enjoy poetry, fiction and non-fiction stories, and original music that was published in this year’s magazine.


Along with the writing, the magazine features artwork and photography from BC students and members of the community.


“The reception was amazing,” said BC student Jackie Puglisi, co-editor of the Bluestone Review. “We were completely blown away.”


Writers of all ages took the stage to read their selections that were chosen for the magazine.


Trevor Barber, a fifth grade student at Bluefield Intermediate School, read a story he wrote called The Fuzzy Monster School. The story is about a monster named Sky-Guy who has trouble making friends at school.


“My little niece watches a show called ‘Yo Gabba Gabba,’” said Barber. “They have all these little monsters that run around and they do good things to teach the children stuff. I was watching that one day, and I thought, ‘I could do something just like this.’”


Stephen Godfrey, a resident of nearby Green Valley, W.Va., says he has attended the event five or six times.


“This is great,” said Godfrey. “We need more stuff like this.”


He read his nostalgic poem titled Trains of My Heart.


“Different times of my life I have lived near railroad tracks,” said Godfrey. “At boot camp and when I was growing up. Now over on the other side of East River Mountain I can hear the whistle blowing. It’s kind of comforting.”


Patti Black, whose original lyrics were published, came from Lynchburg, Va., to perform the song.


Bluefield College’s own Dr. Donna Watson, director of teacher education, read her poem “What’ll We Do If It Rains?”, which she described as “Seussian,” in honor of the legendary children’s author Dr. Seuss.


Puglisi, along with co-editor Marland Funk Campbell, went through countless submissions for this year’s magazine.


“Because of limited space we could not take everything,” said Puglisi. “We took as much as we could, but it was so tight this year. We had to go back and cut things that we had originally said yes to.”


“We had a lot of submissions this year, maybe as many as we have ever had,” said faculty sponsor Dr. Rob Merritt.


Merritt started the magazine in 1992 as an assignment for his creative writing class and it has been growing ever since.


“I felt like we really needed a literary magazine at the college,” said Merritt. “Now it has become more than just for the college, but for the community as well.”


The Bluestone Review is available for free to Bluefield College students and faculty. Members of the public can purchase the magazine for $1. Anyone interested in purchasing a copy can contact Merritt at