Instrumental Music Education PreK-12 (BA) Program Overview

When you have music in your heart, spend your life sharing that joy. The music education degree with a concentration in instrumental offers hands-on study of instruments ranging from low brass to strings. You’ll be prepared to lead instrumental music programs at elementary or secondary schools. Your education classes focus on the science and art of teaching. As an aspiring music education teacher, you’ll spend 100 hours observing teachers in their classrooms prior to your fieldwork in student teaching.

Band Directors Begin at BC

“The Music Department not only improved my performance skills but added a depth of knowledge and understanding to how music is created. I performed in a wide variety of genres and the works of the great composers. With the skills I obtained at BC, the doors for my musical career are wide open,” says Nicholas Hinkle, class of 2016 and Bluefield High School band director.

Torn between being a band director or performer? You can do both. As a music education major, you’ll have the opportunity to join the Marching Band, Concert Band, and Jazz Band. Feel free to complete the information request form to discuss what it means to teach music in Virginia classrooms today.

The Academic Catalog is the student guide to all policies and procedures for Bluefield College.

The Teacher Education Handbook is the guide to all of the policies and procedures for students entering the Teacher Education Program (TEP).

The Student Teaching Handbook is the primary resource for all students in the culminating experience for the Teacher Education Program (TEP).

On-Campus: August 19, 2021



Courses & Requirements:

General Education & Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree (BA)
General Education (55 Credits)

General Education requirements may be fulfilled in more specific courses for certain majors

  • Bluefield Core (9 Credits)
    • Invitation to Inquiry
    • Character Formation
    • Civic & Global Response
    • Personal Wellness & Lab
  • English (6 Credits)
    • Intro to the Writing Process
    • Argumentative & Analytical Writing
  • Christian Studies (3 Credits)
    • Biblical Perspectives
  • Foreign/Modern Language (12 Credits)
    • 2 Beginning Level Foreign/Modern Language Courses (6 Credits)
    • 2 Intermediate Level Foreign/Modern Language Courses (6 Credits)
  • History (6 Credits)
    • Survey of American History I or II
    • World Civilizations I or II
  • Literature (3 Credits)
    • 2000 Level Literature Course (Various Options)
  • Macroeconomics (3 Credits)
  • Math (3 Credits)
    • MAT 1213 College Algebra (or higher)
  • Science (4 Credits)
    • (Choose 1)
      • Human Biology & Lab
      • General Biology & Lab
      • Intro to the Physical Sciences & Lab
      • General Chemistry & Lab
  • Social Science (6 Credits)
    • Introduction to Psychology
  • Speech (3 Credits)
    • Fundamentals of Speech
Core Requirements (62 Credits)

  • Brass Methods & Pedagogy
  • Percussion Methods & Pedagogy
  • String Methods & Pedagogy
  • Woodwind Methods & Pedagogy
  • Theory I, II, III, & IV (Alternating with Ear Training)
  • Ear Training I, II, III, & IV (Alternating with Theory)
  • Music History I
  • Music History II
  • Conducting I
  • Conducting II
  • Intro to Orchestration
  • Music Methods & Curriculum PreK-5
  • Music Methods & Curriculum 6-12
  • Survey of Modern Band Methodologies & Marching Band
  • Piano Proficiency I
  • Sophomore Review Seminar
  • Vocal Proficiency
  • Senior Recital
  • Applied Study (11 Credits)
    • Primary & Secondary Study (Choose 2)
      • Private Brass
      • Private Piano
      • Private Strings
      • Private Guitar
      • Private Woodwind
      • Private Percussion
      • Private Voice
  • Music Electives (Choose 2)
    • MasterWorks
    • Bluefield Singers
    • Variations
    • Praise Singers
    • Small Instrumental Ensemble
    • Orchestra
    • Concert Band
    • Jazz Band
  • Performing Arts Lab (6 Semesters)
Professional Education (17 Credits)

  • Human Growth & Development for Educators
  • Foundations of Education
  • Intro to Instructional Media & Technology
  • Curriculum, Assessment & Instruction in Secondary Schools
  • Intro to the Exceptional Child
  • Teaching Reading in the Content Area
Field Experiences (15 Credits)

  • Dynamic Learning Environments
    • (Must be taken prior to Student Teaching)
  • Student Teaching
    • (Taken in the final semester)
Required Testing (3 Tests)

  • Core Testing (Must satisfy 1 or the below criteria)
    • PRAXIS Core Math (150 or greater)
    • SAT Math Score (560 or greater; Composite 1170 or greater)
    • ACT Math Score (22 or greater; Composite 24 or greater)
    • EDU 0111 Math Skills for Teachers & PRAXIS Core (146 or greater)
  • Virginia Communication & Literacy Assessment
  • PRAXIS II Music: Content Knowledge
Total Credits: 149

Take a look at some of the career opportunities available to graduates of this program:

PreK-12 Music Teacher
Band Director
Private Instrument Teacher