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Your education is a serious financial investment. At Bluefield College, we feel that students in Virginia and beyond deserve affordable college tuition options to earn an on-campus or online degree. Bluefield’s financial aid counselors are available to discuss affordable cost options with you regarding the financing of your Christ-centered education.

Along with the fees listed, students are encouraged to use their financial aid award letter to determine final out-of-pocket expenses. You may bridge the difference with other payment options, including Federal Parent PLUS Loans, tuition assistance and scholarships from outside institutions, as well as Bluefield College’s own tuition payment plan.

On-Campus Tuition & Fees (2020-2021)

Per Academic Year

Per Semester

On-Campus Tuition $25,750 $12,875
Pathways Tuition $12,876 $6,438
 Alumni Hall
Shared Room $4,286 $2,143
 Bluestone Commons ** ⇑
Shared Room $4,876 $2,438
Private Room $6,430 $3,215
 East River Hall *
Shared Room $3,960 $1,980
Private Room $5,546 $2,773
Shared Apartment **  $4,876 $2,438
Private Apartment **  $6,430 $3,215
 Rish Hall *
Shared Room $3,522 $1,761
Private Room $4,962 $2,438
Cottages **
Married Couples (Meal Plan Optional) $6,252 $3,126
Continuous Meal Plan + $50 RAM Bucks $5,576 $2,788
200 Meal Plan + $50 RAM Bucks $3,280 $1,640
150 Meal Plan + $50 RAM Bucks $2,616 $1,308
100 Meal Plan + $50 RAM Bucks  $1,900 $950
50 Meal Plan + $50 RAM Bucks  $1,072 $536

Students in Cruise, Rish, and traditional rooms in East River Halls will be charged Board at the continuous meal plan rate also.

Students in Cottages, Bluestone Commons, and East River Hall Apartments that request the continuous meal plan will be charged accordingly.

The 100 & 50 meal plans are available upon request for students in Cottages and commuters.

Students in Bluestone Commons Apartments and East River Apartments are required to have the 100 meal plan.

Online Tuition & Fees (2020-2021)

Tuition $365 Per credit hour
Graduation Fee $120 One-time fee
M.A. Counselor Education
Tuition $480 Per credit hour
Graduation Fee $140 One-time fee
M.A. Education
Tuition $460 Per credit hour
Course Material Fee $35 Per credit hour
Student Teaching Fee $250 per semester (Licensure students only)
Graduation Fee $140 One-time fee
M.A. Educational Leadership
Tuition $460 Per credit hour
Graduation Fee $140 One-time fee
M.S. Nursing
Tuition $480 Per credit hour
Sim Lab Fee $125 Specific courses only
Graduation Fee $140 One-time fee
Tuition $480 Per credit hour
Course Material Fee $35 Per credit hour
Technology Fee $75 One-time fee
Graduation Fee $140 One-time fee
Fall Term III (Winter Session)
Tuition $200 Per credit hour
Course Material Fee $35 Per credit hour


Bluefield College provides textbooks for all degree-seeking students through a course material rental program with eCampus.

Each student is charged per semester and will typically receive all their course materials by the first day of class. If a textbook is not returned within five (5) days of the end of a class, an additional charge of 50% of the list price of the textbook will be added to the student’s account.  Students who receive Title IV funds are eligible for a reduction of the fee.  If a student applies for this reduction, or “Opt-out”, they will be responsible for acquiring their own textbooks and any digital materials.  Bluefield College strongly urges all eligible students to fully participate in this program.  For further information, contact BC Central.

Full-Time $410 Per semester
Part-Time $35 Per credit hour
Overloads $35 Per credit hour
Online $35 Per credit hour
All Other Graduate Programs $35 Per credit hour

*Dual Enrolled students, Masters in Nursing students, Masters of Arts in Biomedical Science students, Masters of Arts in Counselor Education, and non-degree seeking students do not participate in the textbook rental program.

Additional Fees, Deposits & Processes (2020-2021)

Additional Fees & Deposits

Private Music Fee $200 Per credit hour
Science Lab Fee $50 Per science class & lab
Student Teaching Fee $250 Per semester
Athletic Fee $300 per semester
Confirmation Fee (New Students) $150 One-time fee
Undergraduate Graduation Fee $120 One-time fee
Replacement Residence Room Key Fee $65 Per incident
PO Box Key Fee $15 One-time fee
Replacement PO Box Key Fee $35 Per incident
International Student Health Insurance $675 Per semester (Subject to change)
Replacement Student ID Card $25 Per incident
Deposit (New Residential Students) $200 One-time fee
Comprehensive Fee $500 Per semester

M.A. Biomedical Science

Tuition $14,000 Per semester
Confirmation Deposit $500 One-time fee

Certificate Program Fees

Tuition $200 Per credit hour
Psychiatric Mental Health NP 
Tuition $650 Per credit hour

Church Partnership Program Fees

Tuition $275 Per credit hour (after discount)
Site Fee Varies by location
Technology Fee $100 Per semester
Graduation Fee $120 One-time fee

Overload Charges

On-Campus Hours $970 Per credit hour over 18
Online Hours $365 Per credit hour over 18
Audit Hours (Up to 6 Allowed) $270 Per credit hour over 18

Part-Time Charges

On-Campus (1-11 Hours) $970 Per credit hour
Online Hours $365 Per credit hour
Audit Hours (Up to 6 Allowed) $270 Per credit hour 

Special Admissions Programs

Dual Credit (High School Students) $100 Per credit hour
Education Recertification $385 Per course
Community Tuition Program $80 Per course
Seniors Program (Age 55+ & Non-degree) $65 Per course
Pastors Program $65 One Christian Studies or Philosophy class

Transcript Fees

Official Transcript Fee $15 Per transcript
Unofficial Transcript Fee No charge

Course Material Fees

Full-Time (12-18 Credit Hours) $410 Per semester
Part-Time (1-11 Credit Hours) $35 Per credit hour
Overload (Over 18 Credit Hours) $35 Per credit hour over 18
Online $35 Per credit hour

Required Documentation for Online & Military Discount

In order to receive the military discount, documentation is required for verification of service. Documentation can be submitted to the Office of Admissions via email. Please include your BC student ID number with your request.

Please note: The military discount does not apply to students in the church partnership program or the Masters of Biomedical Science program.

Active Duty Military

  • Copy of Driver’s License, Passport, or DMV identification card
  • LES

Veterans, Reserve/National Guard

  • Copy of Driver’s License, Passport, or DMV identification card
  • DD-214 or NGB-22

Police, Corrections Officers, Firemen, and First Responders (must be a paid position)

  • Copy of Driver’s License, Passport, or DMV identification card
  • Employment verification letter from Human Resources on agency letterhead


  • The per credit hour rate should be “Tuition Cost ($25,750) X number of years to complete program (4) = $103,000 / total number of semester hours to complete program (120) = cost per hour ($858.34)
  • Students must request the military discount and submit proper documentation in order to receive it. It is not automatically awarded
  • The military discount goes into effect for the next (upcoming) term after request and documentation have been submitted and approved
  • No retroactive discounts for prior terms will be given
  • The following are NOT eligible for the military discount:

a. Spouses and dependents

b. Church Partnership students

c. Masters of Biomedical Science (MABS) students