FACS Camps

Tae Kwon Do

Master Kasey Addair will be teaching self-defense and Tae Kwon Do. The classes will offer physical fighting skills and cardio exercise. There will be methods shown to enhance a perseverance mindset through kata and combinations. The classes are for ages 4-12 and for ages 13 and up will offer additional skills sets from Tae Kwon Do and will have relaxing meditation techniques of Tai Chi Chuan as well as basic movements for better balance and peace. 

Date & Time TBA
Ages 4-12 6pm – 7pm / 13 & Up 7pm – 8pm
Instructor Kasey Addair
Tuition $120 + $25 Registration Fee

Yoga Camp

Is yoga just a way to twist your body into a pretzel? What in the world does ‘namaste’ mean, anyway??? Find the answers to these questions when you sign up for the Yoga Camp! Whether you are a newbie to the world of fitness, a history buff, a lover of all things peaceful, or an all-around seasonal yogi – you will most assuredly gain something from this course. We will begin with the history of yoga and move through the philosophy, types, and applications of yoga in daily life. It is so much more than exercise! You will learn various postures as well as how to use such techniques as breathing and focused thought to improve your mental health. This is all introductory, so you have nothing to fear – no one is expected to be a guru! *Please bring a yoga mat and towel if you can!* Water as well, if you wish to have it during the physical portion of the class.


Date & Time TBA
Ages 16 & Up
Instructor Stephanie Caldwell
Tuition $75 + $25 Registration Fee

Flying High with Science Camp

This camp will explore many things airborne: butterflies, dragonflies, moths, Frisbees, and rockets will be experienced firsthand by campers and the principles governing their flights will be discussed. Plenty of fun and learning to go “round!”


Date & Time TBA
Ages 8-12
Instructor Dr. Joe Saunders
Tuition $90 + $25 Registration Fee

Writing Camp

This camp is designed to help prepare students for writing in middle school, high school, and college. Experience writing in a fun, creative, non-judgmental environment to help prepare you for future writing courses. Learn writing steps and rules that will help you gain confidence as you prepare for those writing assignments. The instructor will provide individual help as needed for different skill levels.


Date & Time TBA
Ages 12 & Up
Instructor Alexis Thompson
Tuition $65 + $25 Registration Fee

Beginner Dance Camp

Learn basic dance moves and steps for a variety of styles, as well as, performance etiquette. Students will learn a few short combinations and then perform them for their parents at the end of the week.


Date & Time TBA
Ages 8-13
Instructor Diana & Brendan Moir
Tuition $75 + $25 Registration Fee

Advanced Dance Camp

This camp is for anyone who has very basic dance knowledge and would like to improve their skills. A combination of tap, jazz, and musical theater styles of dance will be taught and performed at the end of the week. Students will learn basic dance steps and techniques, as well as how to succeed in dance auditions.


Date & Time TBA
Ages 14-22
Instructor Diana & Brendan Moir
Tuition $85 + $25 Registration Fee

Exploring Music Camp

Join us for a week of exploring music! Students will experience vocal percussion and group singing, enjoy playing music games, and explore different musical instruments, all while learning the basics of music and note-reading.


Date & Time TBA
Ages 7-12
Instructor Alandra Blume Hinkle
Tuition $100 + $25 Registration Fee

“Hands-on Appalachian Arts” Basket Making and Art Camp

Join us at this brand-new combined basket and art camp! Campers will learn one of the oldest forms of Appalachian Art: Basket Making while making an Appalachian half-bushel basket. We will continue with the Appalachian theme learning watercolor painting. Using visual observation the campers will create an 11×14 watercolor landscape of the Appalachian scenery. Enjoy the “Hands-on Appalachian Arts” during this exciting summer camp.


Date & Time TBA
Ages 12 & Up
Instructor Barbara & Kristen Sadler
Tuition $150 + $25 Registration Fee