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Bluefield University To Serve Students & Community On #BUGivingDay

by | May 18, 2020

In the spring each year, Bluefield University invites alumni and friends to show their support and love on BU Giving Day. This year, in light of the circumstances many businesses are facing due to COVID-19, the university has partnered with a local alum to offer an incentive that will help local businesses along with Bluefield University students.

The giving incentive, BU Loves Local, generates a $25 gift card or certificate to a local business each time someone gives $50 or more to the university on its giving day. Gifts to the university on BU Giving Day will go toward supporting student scholarships, academic programs, athletics, and other areas of need. A generous alum has agreed to partner with the university toward the purchase of gift cards for the first 120 donors who give $50 and choose the BU Loves Local incentive. The donor will be contacted and asked to choose which local business they want the university to support. The gift cards will be purchased in June and distributed to Bluefield University students in random drawings when they return to campus in the fall.

“We recognize that COVID-19 has disrupted operations at many businesses in our home community,” said David Olive, president at Bluefield University. “We have a unique opportunity to do something good for the community we love while moving forward with our day of giving meant to raise funds for student scholarships and other areas of need at the university. We are extremely grateful for our anonymous graduate who is willing to invest up to $3,000 to help local businesses, while at the same time providing a great benefit to our students who will receive the gift cards and a fantastic incentive to our donors to further the impact of their gifts to the university.”

The university’s giving day has grown in popularity over the past several years. Last year, the university raised nearly $100,000 toward scholarships, athletics, and academic programs in one day. In its seventh BU Giving Day, the university aims to gain support from more than 100 donors. Through direct mail, e-mail, and social media, the university will reach out to thousands of alumni and friends inviting them to be part of their big day.

“BU Giving Day is about showing love for the university and our students,” said Joshua Cline, vice president of institutional advancement. “This year, we felt like we had the platform to not only make an impact on the lives of our students but also impact our local economy and be a beacon of hope for small businesses in the area. We reach a lot of people on our giving day, and we’re happy to leverage our reach to impact the community, too.”

Local businesses are encouraged to participate by sharing about BU Giving Day on their social media channels, their websites, and any other ways they are reaching their customers. They can share by e-mail or social media using the university’s giving day page, found at Choose the “Advocates” tab to find social media and e-mail sharing links. Business questions about the incentive can be directed to Josh Cline at Bluefield University.

Alumni and friends interested in supporting BU Giving Day and the BU Loves Local incentive can do so at When entering a gift of $50 or more, choose the BU Loves Local incentive. When all gifts are in on June 1, the university will reach out to those who chose the BU Loves Local incentive to ask which local business they would like the university to purchase a $25 gift card from. The campaign is active and gifts can be made anytime between now and midnight on June 1.

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