Art Business (BA) Program Overview

The art business program develops your technique in the studio and business skillset for curating, marketing, and selling art. As an art business major, you’ll build a capacity for the critical evaluation of global artworks. The program also builds your entrepreneurial skills with coursework in accounting, small business management, and internet marketing. Graduates may work as art managers and promoters, museum and gallery associates, and marketing professionals.

Discover Your Artistic Self

The heart of all art studies at Bluefield College is the Donald and Maria Cox Visual Arts Building, a historic brick building. Renovated to inspire creativity from every angle, the light-washed art studios and classrooms offer spaces designed to build a rich and personal body of work. When you’re ready to shadow administration or management professionals in the workplace, the art and business faculty can help you structure an internship. The culmination of this degree is a business capstone course, requiring you to craft a hands-on business project often combined with your internship.

If you have a passion for art and business, take the next step and schedule a visit with our faculty.

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On-Campus: August 19, 2021



Courses & Requirements:

General Education & Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree (BA)
General Education (52 Credits)

General Education requirements may be fulfilled in more specific courses for certain majors. Students seeking a BA degree must complete 6 credit hours of intermediate language studies.

  • Bluefield Core (9 Credits)
  • Composition (6 Credits)
  • Christian Studies (3*- 6** Credits)
  • Fine Arts (3 Credits)
  • History (6 Credits)
  • Literature (3 Credits)
  • Macroeconomics (3 Credits)
  • Math (3*- 6** Credits)
  • Science (4 Credits)
  • Social Science (3 Credits)
  • Speech (3 Credits)


* On-Campus   ** Online

Major Requirements (48 Credits)

  • Art Core (27 Credits)
    • Drawing Fundamentals OR Design Problems
    • Art Appreciation
    • Studies in Modern Art
    • Contemporary Art History & Criticism
    • Intro to Graphic Design (Photoshop & Illustrator)
    • Portfolio Presentation
    • Painting I OR Ceramics Hand-building
    • Painting II OR Ceramics on the Wheel


  • Business Core (21 Credits)
    • Personal Finance
    • Principles of Accounting I
    • Entrepreneurial Finance & Business Planning
    • Small Business Management
    • Marketing Management
    • Entrepreneurial Implementation
    • (Choose 1)
      • Business Communications
      • New Ventures for the Entrepreneur
      • Leadership & Change Management
Electives (20 Credits)
Total Credits: 120

Career opportunities available to graduates of this program include:

Community Arts Worker
Exhibition Designer
Commercial Art Gallery Manager
Art Agent/Business Manager
Advertising Designer

Early College students,

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