Accepted Student Information

Now that you’ve been accepted into the MABS program, there are a few more steps to take toward becoming an official student. Here you’ll find important information and documents needed for matriculation.

Fall Course Calendar

The academic calendar for the 2021–2022 school year can be found below.

2021-22 MABS Calendar (On-Campus)

Criminal Background Check

All incoming students are required to submit (directly to PreCheck) an application for a criminal background check. No other service will be accepted. A monetary fee (payable to PreCheck) must accompany the PreCheck application which is to be submitted by the tuition deposit date. Your offer of admission and continued enrollment is contingent upon acceptable results from your Pre-Check report. Bluefield College/VCOM reserves the right to put restrictions on or rescind an offer of admission based on information received on your background check. Also note that should any charge or arrest occur after acceptance, whether or not you were convicted, you are required to inform Bluefield College/VCOM immediately when it occurs. Failure to report such charges or arrests, whether guilty or not, and/or failure to report immediately, within 24 hours, can result in your offer of admission being rescinded. Upon review of the charge, Bluefield College/VCOM reserves the right to rescind the offer of admission prior to matriculation.

  • Start background check at the time of deposit.
  • Visit the PreCheck website to begin the background check
  • Enter the school name as Bluefield College on the PreCheck website. Select Master of Arts in Biomedical Sciences as the program and “Background Check” under Services.

If you need assistance, please contact PreCheck at

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts sent to PostBacCAS or AACOMAS are provided to Bluefield College/VCOM when an applicant applies. These transcripts may be accepted if all coursework the student has taken at that institution is completed as of application submission and confirmed on the transcript. Bluefield College/VCOM will verify that a transcript has been received for every institution listed on the application, that at least one baccalaureate degree has been awarded, and that all other degrees reported on the PostBacCAS or AACOMAS application are documented. If there is a question as to the authenticity of a transcript, an official transcript from the institution in question will be required to be sent directly to VCOM.

Any school the applicant is attending or will attend after application submission will require an official transcript be sent directly from that institution to the Master of Arts program office. In this case, the transcripts sent to PostBacCAS or AACOMAS will NOT be accepted.

In the event that Bluefield College/VCOM does require a transcript directly from an institution, transcripts must be sent directly from the Registrar’s Office of the school(s) attended directly to the Master of Arts in Biomedical Sciences Program Office. Be sure to have the transcript addressed correctly. Unofficial transcripts or transcripts hand-carried by the student (even if in a sealed envelope) are not acceptable. Failure to submit official transcripts by deadlines provided (or to obtain authorized approval of an extension) may result in the offer of admission to Bluefield College/VCOM being rescinded and forfeiture of your tuition deposit.

If required, transcripts should be sent no later than July 1, 2021, for online MABS students, and July 26, 2021, for on-campus MABS students. Mail them directly to:

Bluefield College/VCOM
Master of Arts, Biomedical Sciences
1691 Innovation Dr
Suite 1100
Blacksburg, VA 24060

Health & Immunization Forms

Health and immunization forms are due to the Master of Arts, Biomedical Sciences Program Office no later than July 1, 2021, for online MABS students and July 15, 2021, for on-campus MABS students. All forms must be signed by your health care provider and must include copies of all vaccination records and lab results/reports.

You can email Sheila Ballard if you have any questions.

Fax: 540-231-2475
Phone: 540-231-8687

Health Insurance

All students at Bluefield College/VCOM are required to obtain and maintain health insurance. Student coverage must be in effect no later than the start of the program. Review the health insurance requirements below. Complete and submit the Proof of Coverage Form no later than July 1, 2020, for online MABS students, and July 15, 2021, for on-campus students.



Click the link below to view the finalized MABS booklist for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Required Texts

Computer Requirements

All new or incoming students are required to have a laptop that is not greater than 3 years old and must meet or exceed the VCOM computer requirements listed below.

Due to the program curriculum and testing software we require, these minimum hardware requirements should be met to be successful.

Operating System Windows 10 OS X Yosemite 10.10 or higher
RAM 8Gb or higher 8Gb or higher
Hard Disk 128GB (Solid State, SSD) or higher 128GB (Solid State, SSD) or higher
Processor Intel i5 or higher Intel i5 or higher
Network 802.11 AC or 802.11 N 802.11 AC or 802.11 N

Additional Highly Recommended Accessories:

  • 128GB+ External Hard Drive for file back up
  • Personal Printer
  • 4GB+ USB Memory stick
Housing Options

On-campus housing is not available at the Blacksburg campus. Many off-campus housing developments are available a short distance from the campus. Bluefield College/VCOM does not provide recommendations on specific developments or locations and cannot provide roommate coordination or availability. The list provided is not all-inclusive or exhaustive of local area options.

Local Housing Options

Technical Standards For Admission & Enrollment

Since success in the Bluefield College MABS program can lead to guaranteed acceptance into VCOM’s Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program or other graduate-level professional programs, Bluefield College requires that applicants and students possess the same technical standards required of D.O. students. Applicants of the MABS program must meet VCOM’s Technical Standards for Admission and Continued Enrollment. All students must affirm by signature that he/she has read and meets the standards. Any falsification or misinformation regarding the ability to meet technical standards is grounds for dismissal. The requirements to succeed in VCOM’s D.O. program are those necessary to successfully complete the medical school curriculum and to safely practice osteopathic medicine with full practice rights in the future.

View VCOM’s Technical Standards for Admission and Continued Enrollment in the D.O. Program. After reviewing the standards, please complete and submit the acceptance form.

Acceptance Form