Tuition at Bluefield College

A Christian college’s really more affordable than you think.

Make your education dreams a reality at Bluefield College. Many of the most valuable things in life require the largest financial commitments, but we will do everything we can to make your Bluefield education affordable.

Your college experience will be priceless – the academic, personal, and spiritual growth that you will experience at Bluefield College will shape the rest of your life. There are many ways we can work together to help you and your family pay for the priceless education you will receive at BC.

Along with the fees listed below, students are encouraged to use their Financial Aid award letter to determine the final out of pocket expense. For other payment options, please see Bridging the Difference.

Undergraduate Tuition for Traditional Students

2014-15 Charges*

Per Academic Year Per Semester
Tuition** $22,840 $11,420
East River Hall**
Shared Room $3,621 $1,811
Private Room (+40%) $5,069 $2,535
Apartment (Meal Plan Optional) $5,437 (10 months) $2,719
Cruise and Rish Hall:**
Shared Room $3,172 $1,586
Private Room (+40%) $4,441 $2,220
Alumni Hall:**
All Private Rooms $3,998 $1,999
Married Couples (Meal Plan Optional)
$6,008 $3,004
Continuous meal plan plus $50 flex
$4,855 $2,428
Overload Charges (excess of 18 hours):
Traditional (1-11 hours) $952/credit hour
Audit hours (Up to 6 hours allowed) $270/credit hour
Part-Time Charges:
Traditional (1-11 hours) $952/credit hour
Audit hours (Up to 6 hours allowed) $270/credit hour
Special Admissions Programs:
Education Recertification Program $385/course
Dual Credit (High School Students) $130/course
  Seniors Program (55+ & Non-degree) $60/semester
Pastors Program $60 One Christian Studies or Philosophy Class
Summer School:
Courses $355 Per credit hour
Room (No Classes) $260 Single/Month
Room (Taking Classes) $225 Single/Month
East River Apartments (No Classes) $612 Married/Month
East River Apartments (Taking Classes) $546 Married/Month
Cottages (No Classes) $683 Married/Month
Cottages (Taking Classes) $597 Married/Month
Additional fees and deposits:
Private Music Fee $200/credit hour
Science Lab Fee $50/science class per lab
Student Teaching Fee $250/semester
Student Health Insurance (Not Waived) TBA/semester****
Confirmation Deposit (New & Re-admitted Students) $150
Graduation Fee $120
Lost Residence Room Key Fee $65
PO Box Key Fee $15
Lost PO Box Key Fee $35
Late Registration Fee $25
Transcript fees:
Official Transcript Fee $15
Unofficial Transcript Fee No Charge

*Effective August 1, 2014.

**The room charge includes cable, micro-fridge, internet, local phone line and laundry.

***Students in Cruise, Rish, Alumni, and traditional rooms in East River Halls will be charged Board also. Students in Cottages and East River Hall Apartments that request the Meal Plan will be charged.

****New students arriving in January 2015 will experience a rate increase.