Student Insurance

Attention All Students – Incoming Freshmen, Returning, and Transfer Students:

Bluefield College is committed to ensuring students have access to affordable, quality, and comprehensive health insurance. Bluefield College partnered with Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk in 2014. Gallagher is anxious to work with students and parents providing information about the Student Health Insurance Plan.

As many of you are already aware, Bluefield College practices a “hard waiver” process. Each academic year the Student Health Insurance (insurance premium) is added to all students' accounts. If the student/parent does not go online to complete a waiver form by the published deadline of September 1st, 2016 the student will be enrolled and responsible to pay for the premium charge on their account. If the waiver is completed by September 1st, 2016 that charge will be removed. A completed, verified and approved WAIVER is required each academic year.

When you visit and begin to familiarize yourself with all the wonderful benefits of your plan – if you choose to enroll in the insurance – you will realize the website is very user friendly and easy to navigate so please take time to explore.

However, many of you will only visit the website with the purpose of waiving the $1,844.00 charge from your account. The insurance premium is charged annually and not per semester. You will see this one-time charge on your account of $1,844.00 in August. Please understand, ALL STUDENTS WHO DO NOT WISH TO BE ENROLLED must prove that they have coverage by September 1st, 2016 by completing and submitting the online waiver or this premium will NOT BE removed from their account.

Please keep the following in mind when you are making decisions about insurance:

  • Providing a copy of your personal insurance card to the Office of Student Development or the Athletic Department when submitting the Health Information Packet or Athletic Form(s) is NOT the same as submitting an on-line waiver. All students are required to include a copy of their insurance card with their Health Information Packet and to the Athletic Department for record keeping purposes only. This does not meet the “hard waiver” requirement.
  • When discussing “bottom line estimates” with financial aid, please understand they are not actually deducting the insurance premium from your account. You still have to go online to waive the insurance before you will notice an official change in your statement.
  • The term “hard waiver” means proof of coverage must be furnished or the student will be automatically enrolled in the college-sponsored health insurance plan and the premium for that plan will be added to their tuition bill.
  • “Hard waiver” does not mean a student must be enrolled in the Bluefield College-sponsored health insurance plan; it means students are required to show evidence of coverage by an acceptable health insurance plan.
  • The “hard waiver” requirement applies to any undergraduate, traditional student enrolled in a degree-seeking program and registered for six or more credit hours.
  • If you are an international student, it is mandatory for you to enroll in the College-sponsored insurance plan. It is the only way Bluefield College can guarantee that our international students will have healthcare coverage in the event a hospital visit is needed. Many hospitals now reserve the right to refuse overseas insurance coverage because of the changes that have taken place with healthcare in the United States.
  • Additionally, only Virginia and West Virginia Medicaid will be accepted. All other Medicaid participants will need to enroll in the College-sponsored insurance program.

We strongly encourage students to contact our office with questions regarding the waiving and enrollment process. Our goal is to see that all students who wish to be enrolled in the insurance are enrolled in a timely manner and that all students who have their own insurance coverage are able to waive the insurance and have the $1,844.00 charge removed from their account as quickly as possible. When you receive your statement from the Bluefield College business office, the insurance adjustment will be made to your statement.

Keep in mind, this process is for all traditional BC students who are enrolled in 6 or more credit hours per semester and in a degree-seeking program. Written approval must be obtained from the insurance administrator prior to an exemption.

The Gallagher website opens on June 17th, 2016 and will remain open until September 1st, 2016 for students to go online and waive the insurance or enroll in the College-sponsored plan.

Should you have any questions please contact the Office of Student Development at 276.326.4207 or email

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