Our Philosophy

We recognize that the residence halls play a central role in your total educational experience. It is in the residence hall that some of your most significant personal growth and maturation occur. While the classroom and library is where the information is dispersed, the residence hall is where this information is reviewed, studied, discussed, and questioned. The residence hall is also where you learn the fine art of getting along with others. Learning to peacefully and productively coexist with other individuals is fundamental to overall success in life. Living with others involves day-to-day interaction with people of varying backgrounds and values. It gives the opportunity to continue the discussions and debates of the days classes, a firsthand experience in community development, and the opportunity for developing strong and lasting friendships. While living as a community member may be difficult at times, we hope you will find it a rewarding experience.

As is true in any community of people, some commonly accepted standards or guidelines are necessary to facilitate the provision of an academically supportive environment and to guarantee mutual respect and dignity among the members.

Central to this concept is the development of a genuine concern for other human beings. We, therefore, seek to provide an environment that is compatible with, and supportive of your personal, spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual development. Specifically, the mission of the Department of Residence Life is to provide a living and learning environment that is clean, attractive, well-maintained, safe, comfortable, and considered by residents to be a positive and desirable community living arrangement.