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of College resources.

(c) Material was developed by administrators or other non-faculty employees in the course

of employment duties and constitutes “work for hire” under U.S. law (e.g., the College’s

website, alumni bulletins, admission materials, fundraising materials, catalogs and


3. Intellectual Property Developed Under Sponsored Research Agreements

Ownership of Intellectual Property developed pursuant to an agreement with any sponsor

will be governed by the provisions of that agreement. Sponsored research programs funded

by private sponsors will generally provide for the College to retain title to all intellectual

property that arises in the course of the research programwith the sponsor retaining an option

to acquire commercialization rights through a separate license agreement. Government

and nonprofit sponsors generally allow rights to intellectual property that arises from the

research program to vest with the College, subject to certain retained rights held by the

federal government.


1. General. This policy shall be administered by the Vice President for Academic Affairs,

who shall determine and interpret its terms and provisions.

2. Intellectual Property Review Committee. As needed, the Vice President for Academic

Affairs shall appoint an ad hoc Intellectual Property Review Committee whose functions

shall include: (1) reviewing policy provisions from time to time, as needed, with

recommendations for change or amendments to the Vice President for Academic Affairs;

(2) serving as a non-binding advisory body in the case of any dispute relating to this policy;

and (3) reviewing other issues as requested by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The

Committee shall consist of two (2) faculty members, one being the Chair of the Faculty

Committee, appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Director of Library

Services, the Director of Information Services and Technology, and Vice President for

Finance and Administration.

3. Dispute Resolution. In the event the creator of Intellectual Property objects in writing to a

determination of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the creator and the Vice President

for Academic Affairs will provide all relevant information to the President. The President,

or the President’s designee, is empowered and authorized, after reviewing the circumstances

of the case and considering the desirability of asserting the College’s interests, to accept or

reject the determination of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The President shall then

provide the creator and the Vice President for Academic Affairs with the President’s final

and binding written determination.

4. Changes to Policy. The College reserves the right to change this policy from time to time.

In addition to the Board of Trustees, the President has the authority to change this policy.

Use of Bluefield College Names/Logos

Faculty, staff, and students may, consistent with the Bluefield College Style Guide, use

the College’s names, logos, and/or other marks where necessary to identify themselves on

matters of official College business. Bluefield College names, logos, and other marks shall