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groups, and/or prosecution under civil or criminal laws. By using these systems, you are

consenting to follow and submit to all Bluefield College policies concerning appropriate

network use.



Officers for 2012-2013

President - Megan Hardison

Vice President - Erica Creger

Secretary - Summer Eggers

Treasurer - J.D. Taylor

The Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents the student body of the College. It

is composed of all full-time students of the College. The purpose of the SGA is to provide

a voice for the students, to help unify and promote enthusiasm in the student body, and

to foster in any manner possible a Christian atmosphere, student character, initiative, and


Branches of Government

The Bluefield College Student Government Association is comprised of the Executive and

Legislative branches of government. Each branch is distinct, serving the student body in a

different capacity. Brief descriptions of each branch’s purpose and composition are included.

The Executive Branch

The Executive branch is composed of four executive officers (President, Vice President,

Secretary, and Treasurer) and two ex-officio member (SUB Executive Chair and Baptist

Colligate Ministries President) who provide initiative and planning, oversee the operations

of Student Government, and act as liaisons between students and other constituencies

of the College, and the Chairs of the Legislative Standing Committees. It maintains the

responsibility of responding to changes in the campus community and considering ways in

which these developments affect student life.

The Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch debates many of the issues and concerns brought to the attention

of the Executive branch as well as issues raised by students. Students elect 3 Senators from

each of the 4 undergraduate classes (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior). The Legislative

branch is composed of the 12 Class Senators. Freshman Senators will be elected during the

2nd Convocation of the Fall semester.



Student Complaints

Procedures for registering complaints/grievances of a non-grade or non-instructional


When a student wishes to register dissatisfaction of a non-academic matter, the following

procedure should be initiated: