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systems. There is no stated or implicit consent given to users to copy any of the

programs or data residing on these systems.

• It is a violation of Virginia law to access a computer systemwithout authorization

or to gain access to a computer system for the use of fraud or malicious activities

such as the destruction of files or programs.

• It is a civil offense to make false statements about another person (libel),

especially if it results in the loss of that person’s good name (defamation).

• The creation of knowing distribution of a computer virus or “worm” is a

violation of federal statute.

• The creation or knowing distribution of a chain letter is a violation of federal


Ethical Responsibilities

Although certain activities of users may not be strictly illegal, there may be cases where a

user might violate the ethical standards of the college. Guidelines for appropriate behavior

may be found in any number of campus publications such as handbooks, catalogs, and

policy manuals. Common sense and a personal sense of responsibility are important here.

• Users of the computer system will refrain from accessing or electronically

transferring text or graphics images that would be deemed hateful, demeaning or

pornographic by the prevailing standard of this Christ-centered college.

• The computer system, especially the electronic mail capabilities, will not be

used to create offensive or disruptive messages. This includes messages, which

contain sexual implications, racial slurs, gender-specific comments or any other

comment that offensively addresses someone’s age, religious or political beliefs,

national origin or disability.

• The privacy of other user’s files and electronic mail messages is to be respected

a all times. No user, with the exception of authorized system administrators,

shall access or attempt to access another user’s files or electronic mail messages

without the explicit consent of that user. In addition, no unauthorized attempt

shall be made to obtain the passwords or access codes of any other user and

no use of another person’s user ID or password is allowed unless specifically

approved by a computer system administrator.

• No attempt will be made by any user to secure unauthorized access to system

files or confidential academic or administrative records.

Good Citizen Responsibility

Beyond the legal and ethical guidelines in this policy, responsible users of the college’s

computer systems should recognize the fact that they are members of a large electronic

community. As good citizens of this community, users of this community, users can take

several steps to make utilization of the college’s resources a rewarding experience for

themselves and others.

• Report improper use or vandalism of any computer resource.