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Dear Student:

I am glad you are here to prepare yourself for a life

of living, learning and service. We take seriously

our mission of transforming your life through a

challenging academic experience within a nurturing,

diverse Christian environment. As our mission

states, “We are an inclusive Christ-centered learning

community developing transformational servant leaders.”

If you haven’t already figured it out, you are studying and living at a great

place. The people here – your professors, residence hall staff, cafeteria

personnel, and many others – have a single objective: to make your

experience at Bluefield a life-changing one! You will find in your classes an

invigorating learning environment, and there are numerous extracurricular

activities to round out your learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

Most importantly, you will find that Bluefield has a focus on more than just

the transformation of your mind. Being a community of faith, we believe in

the holistic development of your mind, heart and body. Following the One

who exemplifies the life of a servant leader, the Bluefield College community

demonstrates God’s love and mercy through active missions and ministries

to the surrounding community and throughout the world.

I am looking forward to knowing you and serving alongside you during this

collegiate journey, a pivotal time of growth and change in your life. I also

look forward with great anticipation to not only handing you your diploma,

but looking you in the eyes and seeing what God and this community of faith

and learning have done in transforming your life.

In faithful service,

David W. Olive