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While the College has enjoyed a long history of convocation programs, it now seeks to

develop a lyceum style approach to convocation that will integrate both worship and

learning events under the umbrella rubric


, which will be intentionally designed

to engage students in reflection and to challenge their preconceived notions of truth thereby

encouraging themto approach theworldwith a larger dimensionof self, neighbor andGod than

heretofore realized. In this program students will be required to attend ten chapel (worship)

services and five convocation (academic) events each semester that will be focused on a set

theme related to the general education core of Inquiry, Character, Citizenship and Wellness.

Each semester, questions in support of the theme will be distributed to faculty along with

summaries of the planned events so that faculty can incorporate ideas and experiences borne

from and garnered in


into the larger campus learning environment.

Every Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. students, faculty, and staff gather for chapel. The

chapel programexists to broaden theChristianworldview throughworship, faith development

and reflective inquiry about life and world issues as well as to develop understanding of

diverse religious, cultural, and ethnic traditions and practices. Chapel attendance is required

and is considered a part of the College’s general education requirements. Wednesday classes

end at 9:45 a.m. Students will not be excused early from 9:00 a.m. classes for participation

or leadership in chapel events. The attendance policy and schedule of programs are available

through the Office of Student Development.

Convocation will focus on Inquiry, Character, Citizenship and Wellness. Convocation

attendance is required. The attendance policy and schedule of programs are available

through the Office of Academic Affairs.


All full-time students are required to attend ten (10) approved attendance services per

semester. Students may earn attendance credit by participating in other Bluefield College

activities through alternative attendance at approved events. Any student who does not

meet the required ten (10) chapels per semester will have a hold placed on their academic

transcripts and will not receive their diploma upon completion of all other academic degree

requirements. Alternative attendance events will be announced prior to the event. All

students will have the ability to monitor their own chapel through their MYBC account.

Chapel Conduct

The atmosphere of chapel should be one of worship. It is expected that students will give

respect to the speaker by refraining from talking and will stay until the program is dismissed.

Cell phones, headphones, newspaper, food, drink and hats for men are not appropriate in

convocation. Male students wearing hats are to remove them before entering into Harman


Students who fail to comply with the standards will be asked to leave and no credit will be

given for that convocation.

Chapel exemptions

Students may request an exemption from chapel on a semester-by semester basis. Students

must prove that they have a direct conflict with the chapel hour because of their employment

status or class required such as student teaching. All request for exemptions will be given

due consideration. A request does not guarantee an exemption. Decisions may be appealed.

The appeal must be submitted in writing by the student to the campus minister.