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Spiritual Life

Office: Dan MacMillan Center (DMC) ext. 4257

The Department of Campus Ministry seeks to minister to the needs of students for spiritual

awareness, growth, and service. This is accomplished through developing emerging leaders

and creating opportunities for students to nurture and explore matters of faith and life.

The BCM council is the leadership team of the BCM and functions as the Campus Christian

Programming Board. Every member of the Council coordinates a particular aspect of the

campus ministry experience such as publicity, creative worship, impact team, missions,

Bible study, prayer, residence hall outreach, and FCA. Students are needed to join those

teams and to form special teams for fund raising and for special ministry events.

Activities and programs contributing to the development of spiritual growth are available

to you as a student of Bluefield College. The Office of Campus Ministries and the BCM

Council coordinates the programs of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry and the following

campus organizations:

Residence Hall Bible Studies

- discussion oriented Bible study touching topics basic to all

students. Special guests are invited throughout the year.


- these weekly events, sponsored by the BCM Council, are open to all students.

Your input and suggestions on how we can serve you better are always welcomed!

Missions and ministries “impact” team

- all students interested in working with youth,

children, and others through creative ministries, games, lock-ins, bible studies, and more are

welcome to join this team.

Religious Organizations

- are associations with the general aim of creating an awareness,

furthering understanding, and exercising worship within specific traditional or nontraditional

religions or denominations, sometimes affiliated with local churches or congregations.

The College’s religious organizations offer an opportunity to provide and receive spiritual

guidance, personal support, and human service.

Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM)

is a fellowship of college students who are seeking

to find and implement God’s purpose for their lives and their world. The Baptist Collegiate

Ministry is a multi-faceted program of, for, and by students, with the assistance of the Campus

Minister, and is open to all students regardless of religious denomination. Along with many

social activities, the BCM has Bible studies, missions projects, statewide BCM programs

including conventions, conferences, and retreats; as well as other ministry opportunities in

which to participate. All members of the Bluefield College community are members of the

Baptist Collegiate Ministry regardless of their denominational affiliation.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

is a national organization and though it is open to

all students, its primary outreach is to athletes. Its stated goals is “to present to athletes and

coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ

as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.”

The group attempts to provide its members with the opportunities for Christian growth and



Attendance/Convocation A Program of Worship and Inquiry