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David Taylor, Vice President for Student Development

Office: Student Development House (House 7), First Floor ext. 4207

All students are a vital part of the student body of Bluefield College and significantly

contribute to the student life, leadership, and program of activities. In addition, each office

within the Division of Student Development serves as a resource for all students. Bluefield

College students are an integral part of the College and are encouraged to participate in all

phases of campus and student life.

As a traditional liberal arts institution, Bluefield College recognizes the need for balance

between the classroom and the co-curricular experience. The total college experience

permeates all aspects of the College community to develop the total person. The student

development program at Bluefield College is designed to be an integral part of the education

process by supporting and strengthening the educational, social, spiritual, and physical

experiences of the student.

The Division of Student Development employs a highly qualified and trained professional

staff that works collaboratively with the academic community to create an educational

experience which meets the needs and interests of the students and prepares them for both

their professional and personal careers. The professional staff includes the V.P. for Student

Development, Administrative Assistant, Campus Safety Coordinator, Campus Safety

Officers, Director of Residence Life, Campus Minister, Director of Athletics, Student Career

Advocate, Director of Student Activities/Intramurals, 5 RHD’s, 18 Resident Assistants and

several student employees.

Intellectual Property

Policy Statement:

The mission of Bluefield College is to educate and develop the whole

person to enable critical thinking, effective communication, and adaptation to a changing

world. This mission is carried out in a learning community which encourages a spirit of

intellectual inquiry among faculty, students, and staff. The development of creative and

scholarly research, works and inventions, known broadly as intellectual property, will be a

natural outgrowth of such activities. The products of this scholarship may create rights and

interests on behalf of the creator, author, inventor, sponsor and the College. The purpose

of this policy is to support and reward scientific research and scholarship, and help students

and staff identify, protect, and administer intellectual property matters and define the rights

and responsibilities of all involved. (Refer to the appendix for the complete policy)

Whistleblower Policy

Policy Statement:

If any College student or employee reasonably believes that some policy,

practice, or activity of Bluefield College, or of another employee on behalf of the College,

is in violation of law, the student or employee immediately should contact the President,

Vice President for Finance and Administration, Human Resources Director, Chair of the

Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees, or Chair of the Board of Trustees, preferably in

writing, so as to assure a clear understanding of the issues raised. The student or employee

should be as specific as possible in describing the occurrence or suspicion of irregularity,

and the description should be factual rather than speculative or conclusive. The student or

employee in this case is commonly referred to as a whistleblower. The whistleblower is

not an investigator or finder of fact, nor does the whistleblower determine the appropriate

corrective or remedial action that may be warranted. Whistleblower reports also may be

made anonymously. (Refer to the appendix for the complete policy)