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Bluefield College is committed to providing a distinctively Christian environment where

students will find faculty and staff who genuinely care for their well-being. We encourage

students to use their unique, God given gifts and abilities. We seek to foster growth in the

areas of spiritual and emotional maturity, interpersonal relationships and social awareness,

coupled with intellectual life.

This is the spirit of the guidelines in this Handbook. They express our commitment to

educate men and women in the process of integrating their Christian faith with the learning

process. The guidelines also express our commitment to provide an atmosphere for study,

spiritual life and growth, personal exploration, and for encouraging involvement in the total

collegiate experience. Your enrollment in Bluefield College constitutes an agreement that

you will abide by the guidelines with a spirit of cooperation. It is expected that those who

take the Bluefield Challenge have evaluated the guidelines and made a conscious decision

to live by them.

Welcome to

Bluefield College!