Thomas Kinney

Professor of History


Ph.D., History, Case Western Reserve University, 1998.
M.A., History, Case Western Reserve University, 1992.
B.A., History, University of Maine, 1990.


At Bluefield College since 2004, Dr. Thomas A. Kinney teaches survey and upper-level courses in U.S. history, Virginia history, the Civil War, historiography and historical methods. After graduating from the University of Maine he earned advanced degrees in history at Case Western Reserve University. During graduate school he contributed to The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History and American National Biography and in the course of his doctoral dissertation researched over a hundred nineteenth-century Cleveland businesses. Adjuncting at several northeast Ohio colleges after graduation, he also published a history of the U.S. wagon and carriage industry, The Carriage Trade: Making Horse-Drawn Vehicles in America (Johns Hopkins, 2004), co-winner of the 2005 Hagley Prize in Business History. During that time he continued his research on industry and manufacturing while editing a reprint of Knight’s American Mechanical Dictionary, a landmark nineteenth-century reference work. Here in Bluefield, besides teaching classes, advising students, and serving on faculty committees, Dr. Kinney speaks at college and community functions and has provided historical commentary for the local evening news. He continues to write for the scholarly and popular history markets and is currently researching the history of the Brewster carriage-making companies of New York. A firm believer in the value of inspired classroom teaching, he employs everything from voice imitations and historical music to wooden drill muskets and WWII-vintage copies of Time magazine. As one of his students put it, “the energy and enthusiasm Dr. Kinney shows about his love for history makes all the difference!”

Location: Lansdell Hall 305

Department: Department of History

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